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A LEGO filled day can only be completed with LEGO films

February 3, 2017

As a parent, I am all for encouraging my children’s passions. From the clubs and after school activities that they attend to the characters and toys that they love. Tigger, like his Dad, loves LEGO. He can eat, sleep and breathe LEGO. So I thought I’d show you a day in the life of Tigger and his LEGO passion…

Picture the scene…

LEGO Ninjago

One bright Saturday morning and Tigger wakes up ready to start the day. Dressed in his favourite LEGO Super Heroes pyjamas he heads downstairs. Whilst waiting for his breakfast to be made he requests access to his table to jump on Netflix and enjoy an episode or two of LEGO Ninjago. I manage to compromise and tell him that he can watch a couple of episodes after he has eaten his breakfast. He reluctantly agrees.

A close up of a toy


After breakfast and a couple of episodes of LEGO Ninjago, I manage to get him up off the sofa. Attempting to get him to play with the mountains of toys in his room he heads up the stairs, however, refuses to get dressed. As I carry on with the chores I peek in his room to see what he is up to… LEGO CITY! It appears there is a spate of robberies going on and there are a number of criminals who need to be chased by the police and locked up in the prison.

LEGO Dimensions

With lunch out-of-the-way, I manage to get his weekend reading and a couple of pages of his maths book completed. The compromise being that he could then head into the playroom to play on LEGO Dimensions. The game he asked Santa to bring him, and for friends and family to purchase character sets for so that he could unlock the levels.

He happily sits and plays the game for an hour or two with Roo joining him for a bit. However, there is trouble in paradise when Tigger announces that she is doing it wrong, Roo gets in a mood and walks off. Tigger seems unphased and carries on playing before I break the bad news that we have to head to the supermarket before tea.

LEGO movies

Once tea, baths, and fresh pyjamas are all completed we sit down ready for a family film night. It’s Tigger’s turn to choose, so he heads off and comes back with a selection of six LEGO films including The LEGO Movie. I explain that he has been playing with LEGO all day, and ask if he is sure he wants to watch a LEGO film (silly question)… ‘Yes Mummy, I need to get up to date because the new LEGO Batman film is at the cinema and I’m going to watch it with Daddy at half term’.

The decision between the six films was a difficult one but we end up watching LEGO Batman The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite


The LEGO movie and films are available to purchase from here: po.st/LEGOadventures

… And that was Tigger’s LEGO filled day


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