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Upcoming tech that’s going to benefit parenting and working from home moms

March 29, 2017

There are a lot more mothers who are working from home and parenting at the same time. The technology that exists today enable mothers to have this kind of lifestyle which they could never have had before. Everything from the internet to mobile phones gives mothers a chance to create home-based businesses for themselves and run them from virtually any location. At the same time, they can take care of their children without needing to hire a babysitter. The best part is the technology that helps working mothers do this is only getting better.

Many companies these days are seeing the benefit of both outsourcing their work to freelancers and hiring employees who can work from home. A decent computer and fast internet connection are all a mother needs to become one of these workers. A new job website called PowerToFly was created by two working mothers just for this purpose. It connects working moms with employers who are looking for employees that are willing to work remotely. This is bound to allow thousands of mothers across the country find more suitable employment from home. Some of the big named employers who are now hiring working mothers from home include Hearst and Buzzfeed. A PowerToFly Connect mobile app was also released to make the job hunt even easier for working moms.

A bedroom with a large mirror
Image courtesy of Pondering Parenthood

As for parenting at the same time as working, this can be a difficult task even when a mother and her children are home together. The mother will likely be distracted with her work and won’t have time to check on her kids in the other room. Fortunately, smart house technology has been improved to make this easier. Now a mother can put digital cameras in every room of the house that works on a Wi-Fi internet connection which means you don’t have to mess with any wires. Then the mother can periodically check on her kids on a television or even through her smartphone.

Also, if a mother has a small baby and needs to make breast milk for the baby, there is a new “smart” breast pump created by a company named Willow which allows mothers to make more milk while still being able to multitask. Furthermore, this pump is not nearly as loud or as painful as traditional breast pumps are. This will save working mothers a lot of time and agony over trying to make milk for their baby while fulfilling their work duties at the same time.

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