TV Period Drama {Wednesday Wishlist}

One of my favourite past times is getting lost in the world of TV period drama. I love it all from the words that the speak, the clothes that they wear and the beautiful balls that they attend.

Pride and Prejudice has to be my all time favourite, I have watched it over and over again, and I would quite happily watch it again at a moments notice. Watching Elizabeth and Mr Darcy fall in love and then having to overcome the obstacles between them just melts my heart. However at the end of six episodes I am left wanting more, thankfully the BBC answered my pleas and broadcast Death Comes to Pemberley over Christmas. Whilst getting my head around the new actors as Elizabeth and Mr Darcy etc. took a little getting used to, I love it and hopefully Mr Boo will take the hint and treat me on Valentine’s Day.

Wednesday Wishlist - TV Period Drama

Pride And Prejudice| Death Comes to Pemberley | North & South | Downton Abbey – Series 1-4

 So that’s my four favourite TV period drama’s I feel you all need to add your wishlist (plus I’ll be forwarding this post to Mr Boo so he gets the hint).


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