Toddling along with the LittleLife Animal Daysack

September 24, 2012

With Tigger’s confidence with walking growing each day and asking more and more to walk instead of the pushchair I knew that going away on holiday would prove difficult.

Introducing the LittleLife Animal Daysack available in a variety of animals to choose from my decision was not easy. Finally I thought that the dinosaur would be perfect for my own little dinosaur.

Ordering is straightforward and I received my order within a day or two. As I pulled the dinosaur out of the packaging Tigger shout
ed ‘RAWR!’. That was his approval straightaway.

What the label says:

‘We all know that toddlers have a natural instinct for exploring, and who can blame them? The Animal Daysack embraces this instinct whilst also providing parents with control. This daysack includs a parent’s safety rein a d weatherproof hood. The daysacks are available in a variety of fun designs.’

Safety First

  • For children aged 6 months to 4 years
  • Be aware of danger when using reins near automatic doors, escalators etc.
  • Remove any detachable reins when the harness is fitted into a child and care article 
  • Keep out of child’s reach  when not in use
  • Do not use this harness in motorised and power driven vehicles
  • Do not leave the child unattended when harnessed into a child and care article
  • Check all straps and fastenings for signs of wear or damage before each use

How to fit

Place the child’s arms through the shoulder straps and fasten chest strap. Tighten the shoulder straps until a secure fit is achieved, ensuring that the pack remains central on the child’s back. Do not overtighten and ensure the child is comfortable at all times.

How to use

Clip the rein-hook to the metal D-ring located at the top of the pack. Ensure that it is securely attached before use. Do not attach the rein to any other part of the pack. Always hold the rein with the hand loop and ensure a firm grip is maintained at all times.

Daysack in action

As we were going away on holiday in a few days I thought what better time to put it through its paces. Upon arriving in the park in the morning I thought it best to test drive the daysack straightaway, also with the thought that all that walking would wear him out and he’d have an afternoon nap (sneaky mummy). Luckily the park was quite quiet to start with and Tigger happily pottered around nipping between groups of people. The parent rein is a good length that you are not pulling them back all the time but at the same time short enough for you to grab them if needed.
Unfortunately we never tested the weatherproof hood as the sun had his hat on but with the British weather as it is I’m sure it wont be long before it is needed.

What Boo Roo and Tigger Too thought

Tigger was happy to wear the daysack which ruled out my initial worry that it would arrive and he would have none of it. Thankfully he seemed to like his daysack buddy and wanted to store some cars inside its handy compartment.
Personally I loved that the parent rein was a) a good length and b) padded, there is nothing worse than rope burn when using these types of product. The compartment on the daysack was surprisingly roomy and easily stored a couple of Tigger’s cars, anti-bac serum and Sterinar nasal spray.
I think the inclusion of the chest strap really helps this product work well. It’s provides that little extra security for wriggly children and peace of mind for mum and dad too.
Disclosure: I received a LittleLife Animal Daysack FOC for the purpose of review.
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