Silly Sock Swap!

When the lovely Sarah from Life In A Breakdown blogged about a silly sock swap and asking if others would like to join in I thought that it would be a fabulous idea.

I fill in the form and eagerly awaiting to hear who would be my sock swap buddie… @tigerfanjane

As Jane doesn’t have a blog I unfortunately couldn’t cyber stalk her, however after exchanging a few emails I found out more about her.  I took both Roo and Tigger shopping with me and it was actually Roo who picked out the funky pink socks for her saying ‘Mummy she has a little boy so needs some pink in her life’… well can you really ever have too much pink in your life??

With my side of the sock swap complete I eagerly awaited to see what would appear through our letterbox. Knock knock went the postman one morning, hand over a package and carried on his day… With a quick rip of the packaging we discovered a pink sock monkey (well more of a reindeer monkey).

Why did I not think of a sock monkey? I hope Jane likes what we sent…

Roo took to the sock monkey straightaway naming her Cinderella.  Take a look at our latest addition…
Enjoyed our sock swap?
Why not check out how all the other sock swap buddies gone on over at Life In A Breakdown.

Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I thought that this would be a fun swap, I bought and paid for the socks and postage myself.


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