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What The Dad Said | ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure, Norfolk

February 24, 2019

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What better way to kick start the February half-term holidays than a family day. ROARR Dinosaur Adventure had kindly invited us along to see how much the park had changed in the three-plus years it has been since we last visited.

Located in Lenwade, Norfolk you can have a little fun getting there depending on which way your sat nav takes you. But it’s worth the venture down the country lanes to find the dinosaurs.

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ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure

As we arrived the children started to spot the dinosaurs en route to the car park. Piglet was already impressed by noticing dinosaurs as being three years old, she hadn’t had quite understood where we were.

Parking is free and there were amble spaces on the day in the main car park but I would imagine that it can get quite busy at peak times. Once parked we opted to pop on our wellies in preparation due to the weather. Then it was off to enter the park and let the fun commence. As we walked to the entrance passing more dinosaurs, Piglet was a bit more scared this time as she was now a lot closer. Whilst the older two were fine about it and eagerly looking forward to going in.

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Dinosaur Trail

We began the day by seeing some of the smaller dinosaurs near the main entrance. Before we headed over to the Dinosaur Trail, this is the longest part of the park and wanted to do it first whole the kids had their initial energy.

Tigger was happy as he got to see a spino at the entrance, he and Roo decided to tackle it as an investigation into what had happened and what they might find. While Piglet was happy to wander around looking at dinos when she spotted a robin that came up very close to her. So she decided that she wanted to stroke it, needless to say, the robin wasn’t up for that and flew off into the trees.

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Upon our arrival at the park, the children were even little activity sheet to complete. Which the children needed to stamp at different points around the Dinosaur Trail and the rest of the park. The trail was great and had interactive sounds as well as information boards with the relevant dinos. If you took out the dinos, it was actually a pleasant walk in the woods.

Predator! High Ropes and the secret animal garden

After the trail, we were greeted by the Predator! High Ropes (re-opening at Easter for the main season), and the secret animal garden. Which was home to an array of small animals such as goats, rabbits, snakes chickens etc. The kids can get up close to and pet several of the different animals. Piglet really enjoyed this bit as she loves animals, there was also a Nautilus fish and chips booth and an Explorers restaurant in this area if you wanted to grab lunch.

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The home stretch

After this we made our way back up toward the entrance area via the Neanderthal walk, note that this is very steep. The Neanderthal walk had more exhibitions such as Mammoths, sabre tooth tigers etc. There is a secondary path but it is still fairly steep. But please just bear in mind as pushing a pushchair (like I did) or wheelchair might be tough for some.

There’s more to ROARR than Dinosaurs!

In the middle of the ROARR is a large outdoor play area themed with dinosaurs catering to different ages of children with a more Adventurous older one.

Around this area, there are also a number of other activities for children to enjoy. Dippy’s Splash Zone (which wasn’t open on our visit, but possibly too chilly for February), X-Tinction which is a mini archaeology digging area for the children to uncover some fossils. As well as mini-golf, go-karts, and a maze for them to enjoy.

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The children were too bothered about doing the mini-golf, maze or go-karts. However, loved the archaeology digging and of course the different elements to the play park. It’s easy to spend an hour or so in just this area, and even more so on warmer days.


We then made our way into the indoor play area which has a little cafe and seating. There is also an outdoor play area attached to this but we stayed inside because of Piglet. The kids went off to play together while Boo and I enjoyed a drink at the cafe. They serve an array of hot drinks and cold, with hot food and lunch box style meals. After another good hour. We then set off to the gift shop and handed out sheets with the stamps to get our medals.

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Farewell ROARR!

Even if you were a massive fan of dinosaurs there is still lots to do, the indoor and outdoor play areas are really good, let alone some other activities including animals. But for dino fans, this is a great day out and for us a perfect one.

You’ve heard from mum, now it’s time to hear what the dad said!

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