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Research your family tree with MyHertiage DNA

September 5, 2018

Have you ever stopped and truly wondered about the history of your family? While you may know a few details here and there from stories that are being told by your parents and relatives, there are so many other details out there that are just waiting to be explored! Finding out where you and your family originated from, and everyone and everything that’s included in your family tree is exciting! There’s one way to get all the information that you’ve always wanted to know, and that’s with MyHeritage DNA.

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Why Choose MyHeritage DNA?

  • It’s quick, painless and simple. With a simple cheek swab, you can discover relatives that you never knew were part of your family on both sides of your family tree. No blood draw, no hair follicles….nothing. Just a simple, quick swab of the inside of your check and you’re one step closer to putting together the pieces of your family puzzle.
  • Access to a global database. Don’t limit your search for your ancestors to just local. With the use of MyHeritage DNA, you will get results of DNA matches from all varying parts of the world. Think of how amazing it would be to visit your newly found relatives in a country halfway across the world! 
  • You can use in the comfort of your own home. No visit to the doctor’s office needed! The kit arrives directly to your front door, and in less than 2 minutes, you can complete and put it right back in the mail. Finding out the answers to your family history has truly never been more simple.
  • An industry known for its precision. Accuracy is important when using a product to help you discover your heritage and family. Rest assured that you’ll get amazing results with MyHeritage DNA. 
  • Your information is safe. Sending any type of personal information via mail can always be a bit nerve-wracking but rest assured that MyHeritage DNA takes every precaution possible to ensure that your information is safe. When you submit your saliva and information, it is encrypted and kept at a laboratory located in the US. And the great part about using their service? If you decide that at any point in time you no longer want your information stored with them, you hold the right to be able to delete it completely from their system. Your information is kept safe and secure until you decide to do something else with it. If you want it to stay with them in their encrypted files for a long period of time, that’s absolutely fine as well! 
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Don’t waste your hours of the day trying to do your own research for your family history. While genealogy can be fun to explore, you’ll eventually hit barriers and walls that you’ll have to figure out how to get around. Skipping that frustrating step is absolutely an option! 

When decoding your DNA, you can be certain that you’re getting one of the most precise answers to those age-old questions. Don’t you want to know what members of your family that you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting? 

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