A little boy playing with a toy

Playhouse Or Showhome

April 20, 2017

Children are the best gift anyone could wish for. They are the reason for our existence. Everything that came before pales in comparison. BUT, being a parent isn’t all smiles and laughter. It can be a challenge. For one, your life is no longer your own. Of course, it’s a sacrifice worth making, and something we all think about before embarking on the parental journey. But, that fact becomes harder to deal with when you realise that your life isn’t the only thing you’ll be giving up. Your home also stops being your own. While many of us are willing to give up our hopes and dreams, our homes seem to be a sore point. Chances are, we worked hard to get them. So, it makes sense we want them to stay the tranquil space they were before kids.

A little boy playing with a toy

The truth is, it isn’t going to happen. Your home will fall into the same mayhem the rest of your life does. You’ll need to get rid of all that expensive furniture. Either that or accept that it won’t look pristine for long. You’ll also need to remove dangerous ornaments and sharp corners. The good news is, there are ways to keep some control. You just need to get inventive with how you do it.


Most children barge into their parent’s bedrooms whenever they fancy. They have yet to learn the importance of boundaries and privacy. For the most part, they won’t have the desire for these themselves yet. They won’t understand why you would be any different. The constant risk of invasion can fast become the bane of your marriage. Nothing ruins the mood as much as a mini invasion. Plus, you may find it hard to cope with not having a space of your own. That’s why it’s well worth making your bedroom out of bounds. Get a ‘do not disturb sign,’ and make sure the children know not to enter when it’s up!


You may not be able to luxuriate in the decorative flourishes of once upon a time. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t still splash out. You simply need to think small. Children often ignore the minor features in a room. You can rest relatively easy that they won’t mess with your tiny touches of luxury. Think about made to measure curtains, and stunning radiator covers. Go incognito with your decoration. It’s your best hope of keeping these additions in top condition. If you can, make sure the children aren’t around to see these things appear. They might not even notice!


Children are small. So, why not use height to your advantage? There is a whole section of the house your kids can’t reach. You just need to think up! Instead of setting ornaments where little hands can grab them, install shelves at head height. That way, your children don’t stand a chance. Flying balls might, but it’s a risk worth taking.

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