Parking Wars

October 3, 2011

I have an issue where I live with relatives of neighbours (and occasionally the neighbours themselves) parking in front of my house. Let me explain…

I live opposite a graveyard (so obviously no houses there!), I am the last in a row of terraced houses and you can’t park any further to the right past mine as it is another neighbours driveway. So logic would be from right to left, my car, next door, and so on… but oh NO!

The people who live two doors away seem to have very Tom, Dick and Harry visit which is not my concern but why do they feel the need to park outside my house? Why can’t they park across the road?

Every now and again the parking gets the better of me and I decide to write them a little note, pop it under the window wiper and I feel ten times better for it. The other day was the first time in a while that it made my blood boil. I arrived home with a car full of shopping (it always happens when I have been shopping) to find a car parked in front of my house.

So once the kids were unloaded I wrote a lovely little note…


Do you think I’m harsh for insisting on parking on my front?

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