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My favourite Christmas song – The Mad House

December 7, 2014

Jen writes at Mum in the Mad House, in addition to A Thrifty Mum about living a creative life with her two boys Maxi (9) and Mini (8). Jen is passionate about crafting, creating and cooking and can often be found in the kitchen teaching her boys to cook or making homemade gifts. When not up to her elbows in flour or paint Jen is a freelance social media manager and blogger.

The Mad House

What is your favourite Christmas song?

Mary’s boy child by Boney M

Why is this your favourite Christmas song?

As a child of the 70’s this automatically takes me back to childhood Christmases. Singing in the car on the way to visit my relatives. I was five when this song came out and my parents were big Bony M fans! It is easy to sign along with, has a great beat and classic lyrics with a 70’s German pop vibe. I remember begging my mum to make me a white cape with a fur trip, but wisely she didn’t knowing it would get filthy.

So this song makes me think of happy times with amazing family, of spending time with my cousins and eating my Aunties ginger parkin. It makes me think of crochet cardigans and pedal pushers, of Sindy dolls and petite typewriters and all gathering round the TV to watch it on top of the pops. A truly magical time for me when I stayed awake to listen to the bells of Father Christmas’ sleigh and I believed that the world was good. A time of innocence that I want to repeat with my children!

I can remember singing along to this Christmas song from my childhood, in fact I was bopping along to it at the weekend whilst I was putting up the decorations – thank you Jen for sharing your favourite Christmas song. 

  • Elaine Livingstone December 9, 2014 at 7:54 am

    what lovely memories and a great reason for it being your favourite, personally was never a lover of Boney M, for some reason I found them irritating after Rivers of Babylon and went off them. Would still sing along to this on the radio though

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