Micro Scooters Balance Bike {Review} (ID 7251)

Micro Scooters Balance Bike {Review}

June 2, 2014

Regular readers of Boo Roo and Tigger Too will know that Tigger isn’t the most adventurous little boy, from his delayed walking and concerns over one leg being shorter than the other he has a somewhat shaky start to his life. Whilst consultants feel that his cute little wobble is just him, I worry that his unsteadiness which he has slowly started to get a grab on will impact on his ability to join in with his friends.

The other week Roo finally managed to learn to ride a bike and whilst we were out at the park it was the first time that Tigger had taken his Micro Scooters Balance Bike outside of our small back yard. I worried that he wouldn’t be able to manage the longer distance to the park, whilst yes he was a little unsteady he actually found it quite funny and thought it was a game wobbling all over the pathway.

Watching him I realised that this small lightweight balance bike might just help him with his unsteadiness, his cautious approach to new obstacles and his willingness to try new things.

Micro Balance Bike

COLOURS: Green, Orange, Pink, Purple or Yellow
AGE: 2-5 years
HANDLE BARS: Adjustable 51 – 53.5 cm
SEAT HEIGHT: 360-420cm
WHEEL SIZE: 20 cm diameter, 3.5 cm width
BEARINGS: Precision

Micro Balance Bike - Lightweight frame

Lightweight (it weighs half as much than other balance bikes) making it easy to carry especially when Daddy tempts him away with a game of football.

Micro Balance Bike - Adjustable handlebar height

Adjustable handlebar height, is a little tricky so best attempted at home, you need to loosen the top bolt with the Allen key provided then once at desired height tighten up the bolt. 

Micro Balance Bike - Adjustable seat height

The easy to adjust seat height, a simply opening of the clamp raising or lowering as required before clamping back in place again makes the bike perfect for use between friends or as they grow.

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

Tigger loves it and can often been seen going on his ‘yellow bike’ between the living room to the back door and back again.

Priced at £99.99 I can see why those who have never come across a balance bike or the Micro Scooters brand would feel it is expensive, however I believe you get what you pay for and this is worth every penny. This balance bike will last Tigger until he is ready to make that leap to pedalling.

Disclosure: We received a Micro Scooters Balance Bike FOC for the purpose of review.

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