A sunset over a body of water

Have I lost my way?

October 11, 2017

Yesterday I was in London attending a workshop that I’d been asked to take part in. It was lovely to be invited down to London and get to chat about my blog and family life. I chatted to the various people in attendance who for the most part either had not read my blog or even understood blogging. They asked me questions such as why I started blogging, the subjects I write about and whether I get people contacting me for advice or thanking me for sharing a similar experience to them.

As I Sat on the tube on the way back to the car. A thought suddenly crossed my mind…

Have I lost my way?

I began to think over the questions that I’d been asked and the answers I had given. I pondered whether when I look at my blog, talk about my blog and why I started my blog whether I have lost my way.

A sunset over a body of water

That was then

I started writing my blog back in August 2011, just as I was preparing to return to work following maternity leave. Something that I didn’t want to do but unable to afford not to work I had to return. Over the following months, I shared my struggles with working, childcare and what happens when one of the children are ill.

I’m not sure if working life became easier or whether I gained the capacity to deal with it better. Gradually I talked less about these struggles, I guess in many ways to stop boring you all with yet another moan and groan about working and juggling childcare. I started to chat about the products in our lives, the days out we went on and subjects around the home. 

And this is now

Nowadays, my blog is about family life, home, travel and everything in between. But should it be about all those things? Should I be sharing more of what life is like as a parent? The real nitty-gritty stuff about how bad days happen, how tiring it is and how lonely it really can be.

Every parenting journey is different. Every child is different. Does reading about other parents struggles and milestones really help us realise that we are not alone?

We can all feel like the world’s worst parent at times and we all want to hide under the duvet and not patent some days. But there are times when we have got this parenting thing, we have survived another day and ready to tackle the next one.


I guess I’m just in a reflective mood and pondering what it is my little corner of the internet says about me – and why on earth anyone would read it. 

Photo Credit: Spencer Watson

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