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How to Plan a Fun Family Night In

August 13, 2018

Getting the kids to enjoy ‘family time’ isn’t always easy – especially as they get older. However, you and I know, as you get older, you look back on those times you had as a family with fondness. So how do you make family nights fun for everyone and something the kids ask for and look forward to?

Here are some of my ideas:

A flat screen tv sitting in a room

A Film Night with a Difference

Film nights are always a good call but sitting down in front of the TV for a few hours isn’t exactly bonding time. However, that’s not to say film nights are a complete no go.

Rather, it’s about adding a few simple yet engaging elements to the entire night.

Start by offering ‘bookings’ for the latest films that have been released, putting up the hottest DVD chart to see what everyone fancies watching (family-friendly options only, of course!). This immediately gets the kids involved in the night – and makes sure they’re looking forward to it.

Then, make sure you all have a ticket for the evening and set up a stand for everyone to pick out their favourite tasty treats for the night ahead (popcorn’s always a winner but, if you’d rather go healthy, carrot sticks and hummus is a fabulous idea).

Make Your Own Film

If the kids (and you) enjoy getting dressed up or play-acting, then why not try putting your own show on – or getting the kids to put one on for you. There are some cool apps you can get to make films and plenty of ideas for plays and musicals online.

Board Games

While board games might not sound all-too exciting to youngsters, they might just be surprised how fun those old-school games, like Cluedo and Monopoly, are. Nothing beats a bit of (friendly) family competition.

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Camp Outside

Even if you’re not a family who goes camping, you can still bring all of the fun elements of camping to your home – without the hike to a less-than-adequate toilet block or a complete lack of luxuries. You can even camp in your living room if you want to!

Open a pack of marshmallows (toasting these over the fire pit in your garden, if you have one), dig out those sleeping bags, light some candles (or use torches), tell scary stories (that aren’t too scary the kids won’t sleep) and enjoy some togetherness.

Ultimately, while life often gets busy and homework and chores take over, taking time out every so often (even if it’s just once a month) is something your whole family will appreciate and enjoy.

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