How Can Skip Hire Companies Help Tackle The Recycling Issue

July 29, 2019

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Recycling is an issue that’s at the forefront now. If we aren’t discussing ways of recycling within large industries, we’re discussing ways that we can recycle at home. From abolishing single use plastics in supermarkets to filtering our own tap water into reusable containers; there’s always something that we can be doing. The question is, could we be doing more?

In a recent article posted by The Guardian, stats were revealed of the whole of the UK. Within those statistics, Essex was revealed to be recycling an average of 50% of all household waste. While 50% isn’t to be sniffed at, it does highlight the fact that there’s still a remaining 50% of all household waste going to landfill. While this statistic may take up a relatively small footprint within the United Kingdom as a whole, it’s still a substantial county that, let’s face it, could do better. To help explain just how skip hire companies are helping the people of Essex to reduce their waste going to landfill and increase the amount of waste they recycle, we went to the professionals at Mackers Skip Hire in Basildon.

Ethical Skip Hire Solutions

When it comes to skip hire, the vast majority of people believe their waste is thrown into the metal container and taken away to landfill. A few perhaps don’t even give it a second thought. For those wanting to know what happens however, you may be surprised to learn that skip hire companies actually take the time to not only sort through your waste, but also help recycle it where and when they can. While this may sound a little far fetched, it’s completely true. Here’s a rough guide to how skip hire companies actually do it:

Sort And Treat Waste – when a skip returns to the depot, treatment centres will begin to sort through your waste. Everything from the very smallest item through to large, heavy lumps of concrete will be sorted through and separated into groups. The waste will then be treated, whether that means screening, shredding or even compacting before moving onto the next stage.

Process And Recycle – once each piece of waste has been sorted and treated adequately, it’s then down to processing the materials and deciding which pieces can be recycled. Skip hire companies have a fantastic solution that allows as much waste as possible to be recycled and reused in different ways. For instance, garden waste such as tree cuttings and grass cuttings can be turned into compost. Hardcore materials such as slabs and concrete can be crushed and recycled within the construction industry. Even wooden products can be utilised once again by upcycling and turning them into new wooden products. Items such as scrap metal, very seldom found in skips now-a-days, can also be recycled however, the vast majority now recognise their worth and sell scrap metal onwards.

Increase Your Recycling Efforts With Recycling Skips

Regardless of your reason for hiring a skip, whether it’s for domestic purposes or commercial, one thing’s for sure; skip hire will certainly help increase our recycling potential, especially when we utilise more ethically minded companies such as Mackers Skip Hire. If you’d like more information on skip hire in Basildon and throughout Essex, contact them today on 01268 418533.

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