Easter Gift Guide – Have an Easter party!

April 11, 2014

I love a good party, I mean who doesn’t. I’m especially renown for organising parties at work, whether someone is having a baby, leaving to start a new job, Christmas, Easter or just because. Quite frankly I am known for being the party queen and my ability to ‘cook’ frozen sausages rolls always goes down well.

So with Easter approaching I’m sure my manager knew what I was going to bring up at our last staff meeting… ‘Are we having a party for Easter?’ ‘We could draw the raffle at the same time’… ‘If you want to’ as the reply I received, over the years I have worked there the opposition to my requests for parties has diminished.

So let me tell you about my top Easter party planning ideas, and hopefully I’ll save you both time and money if you decide to host your own.

When it comes to planning I’m a list kind of girl, this is the easiest way to get everyone involved as you can assign jobs to everyone (that way it does land fully on your shoulders). Personally I think that you can’t beat popping into your local Poundland, not only will they have the decorations that you need for Easter but they have a wide range of everyday items that can be used time and time again for your party planning.


As I work in a Community Hospital I have to complete my baking at home (I can’t exactly as the patients to wait for my sausage rolls to finish cooking before they get their food) so I have a couple of fantastic tins and cupcake carriers that I picked up in Poundland that are used all the time, makes transporting my delicious treats much easier.

Stock up on the raw ingredients like rice crispies and chocolate so that you can make lots of Easter nests rather than going to the supermarket and paying silly money for ready made ones (plus think of the fun in making them and getting to lick the bowl afterwards).

I urge everyone to buy at least one of the clingfilm, foil cutters available in different colours, I bought one about two years ago and now have a different coloured one for each of my rolls (clingfilm, foil, greaseproof paper)… truly fabulous.

Easter Party - Baking

The Easter range that is currently available in stores will let you add that finishing touch to your baking. From cupcake cases with cute toppers, a cupcake stand to show off your creations, cookie cutters to allow you to make bunny and egg shaped treats, and how about some cellophane bags that you use to fill with eggs or wrap cookies in.


This is the fun bit but by making sure you have an array of generic decorations it means that you only have to spend a few pounds each party on the finishing touches. Paper chains are the easiest and cheapest way to transform a plain room into a party venue, make a few chains of your own using different coloured paper then purchase a pack or two of the Easter themed ones and add them every couple of links.

I love bunting, it’s just so welcoming. I made a generic version using coloured paper, laminating before hole-punching and threading onto string. You could print your own, either in colour or let the kiddies colour it in for you whilst you are doing other bits or if you are lacking in creative juices then pick up a pack or two of ready made bunting for just £1.oo.

Easter Party - Decorations

I’m a believer in using different props for food serving too, so how about serving your sausage rolls, mini sausages, potato salad etc. inside plastic Easter egg hunt baskets? Or popping mini carrots into plastic eggs etc. There are so many different possibilities, have fun and get creative with your food styling.

Tasty treats

A party wouldn’t be a party without tasty treats and even more so at Easter, with a variety of different treats available at just a £1.00 each it is easy to make sure that all the kiddies (and maybe the odd grown up too) get a little treat from the Easter bunny.

A close up of food, with Egg and Easter egg

Personally I’m loving the idea of the orange jelly beans in a cellophane bag made to look like a carrot, so cute and not the traditional chocolate Easter egg.

Will you be having an Easter party?

Disclosure: I am a Poundland Ambasssdor for which I received gift vouchers FOC to help me plan my Easter party.

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