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Duvet Day

August 20, 2015

The past week I seem to have succumbed to a bout of pregnancy insomnia. From waking at silly o’clock and not being able to get back to sleep to going to bed and just laying there for what feels like an age so I decide to get up, grab a drink and watch rubbish TV.

With the children away I’ve been quite lucky in that if I then don’t feel great the following day due to a mixture of lack of sleep and general pregnancy yuckiness I can treat myself to a duvet day.

Having the luxury of being able to enjoy a duvet day has had me thinking about the what makes the perfect duvet day.

The perfect duvet day

For me it has to be a nice pair of pyjamas (preferably new ones, you’ve got to love a new pair of pj’s). Plenty of cushions to get myself comfortable on the sofa along with a snuggly blanket or duvet

Access to all the TV remotes so that I can flick between daytime TV, Netflix and the Blu-Ray player (although this would involve me getting off the sofa so I’d have to consider how desperate I was to watch this). I’d probably opt to have a day of period drama kick starting with the classic Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, North and South then any other series I can fit in.

A selection of snacks and drinks is a must have, the naughty side of me would want some Cherry Pepsi Max instead of juice or water along with a chicken caesar salad, maybe a ham and cheese baguette to get me through the afternoon along with some sweet treats too.

I think I’d opt to keep the curtains closed and have a lamp dimmed in the corner so that it’s not too bright if I opt for a power nap.

What would make your perfect duvet day?

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Darling husband drops the kids at school and then goes off to work so I’m all alone. It is winter so the fire is lit and I watch Suits from start to current lying on the sofa snugly with my duvet. In the morning I have apple & cinnamon cake with a cup of tea, lunch is a hunk of cheese, fresh seedy bread, salted butter and red onion chutney. The kids have play dates after school and then darling husband brings them home about 6pm along with a Chinese take-away for us all. – Mummy from the Heart

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In bed all day with a good book, the TV remote, my laptop and a teasmaid! – Me and My Shadow

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In bed – just me. PJ’s and a cosy fleece – tv remote, crochet, laptop (for emergencies only), earl grey tea to drink (maybe a Pepsi Max with lunch). Breakfast – warm pastries, lunch – nice white bread and butter – possibly a bit of pate and cucumber and probably some Udon style Japanese noodles for dinner (wagamamas would be fine!) – I might get out of bed for those because you don’t want soy sauce on your duvet. What I’d watch – Hustle, New Tricks, 24hr in A&E, Come Dine with Me – just easy watching – nothing that requires too much brain work – and if I couldn’t find anything, I’d listen to the radio. – Cheetahs in my Shoes

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