Best dogs for a young family - Beagle

Best dogs for a young family

February 1, 2022

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Don’t let family life get in the way of having a furry companion. Here are our top three dogs for a young family.

It’s true what they say, dogs really are a man’s best friend which is why there are around 12 million pet dogs in the UK. Dogs were first domesticated somewhere between 20,000 and 40,000 years ago and have since become a staple part of many British households. 

Taking the dog for a walk is part of many people’s daily routines and that proves great for exercise and entertainment but what happens when you’re busy looking after young children? Do you have time for the dog? Can you still take them for a walk? Will they get on with your baby? 

All these questions are cause for concern but the answer lies in selecting a dog that is friendly to a young family. These dogs may be smaller, traditionally friendlier or require less attention to function.

Top three dogs for a young family

Best dogs for a young family - Golden retriever

Golden retriever

A loyal companion but one that knows how to act around the kids too. The Golden Retriever is a smart, kind yet confident dog which makes them great for children. 

Extremely patient with neither an aggressive nor timid side, your Golden Retriever will feel content and loved even when you can’t give it all the attention in the world.

These affectionate yet obedient pups love to play so as your children grow up, they will be able to build a fun bond with the dog. 

Best dogs for a young family - Poodle


Whilst their hairstyles aren’t always the most fashionable, the Poodle is in fact a very smart and caring dog. A proud hound who never truly feels bored, you can afford to leave your Poodle to its own devices as you put the kids to sleep then have a great time with them after. 

You’ll tend to find these dogs are miniature or standard size which means they won’t be overbearing to your child and scare them. Their small stature also means they fill up quickly so you won’t be spending a fortune on dog food

Best dogs for a young family - Beagle


A cute, small-sized dog breed whose calm aura is perfect for being around your children. Their lightweight nature makes them easy to carry but their energy levels will allow them to keep going all day when you play with them. 

A great pup for children to grow up with, this loving dog will be loyal and happy throughout its existence so you won’t have to worry about giving it attention 24/7. 

Dogs belong with everyone and whilst some breeds may prove challenging to handle when you’re living with a young family, there are many breeds that are great to have around the house. Get a new best friend with one of these brilliant pups.

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