What do you think of birds as pets? Since birds are smaller than dogs or cats, many people regard birds as a simpler, lower-maintenance type of pet. However, birds have extremely specific needs, and setting up their new home improperly can destroy their quality of life. Become a bird-conscious pet owner by starting off with the right crate or cage for your feathered friend.… View Post

Here’s How to Make a Memorable T-Shirt …

Here’s How to Make a Memorable T-Shirt Design from Scratch

Whether you live and breathe t-shirt design and run your own business, whether you’re a business owner who makes custom clothing for staff uniforms, or whether you’re just planning a big celebration, you might struggle with the first part about custom clothing: deciding what to put on the garment.… View Post

12 Fun Grinch Crafts for Kids

12 Fun Grinch Crafts for Kids

With a visit to the cinema to watch the new animated version of The Grinch on most family bucket lists this Christmas. You may also be looking for crafts to complete with the children to keep the fun going. Take a look these fun Grinch crafts for kids…… View Post

Preparing Your Children for their First Swimming Lessons: 5 …

Preparing Your Children for their First Swimming Lessons: 5 Tips for Parents

Swimming is one of the basic life skills that every child should learn right from an early age, but the introduction needs to be proper so that they can learn fast and without incidents. If you think that your child is ready for his/her first swimming lesson, here are five tips that every parent should go through before they send their child for their first swimming lesson.… View Post

Sky Kids App | A world of entertainment for …

Sky Kids App | A world of entertainment for children

Parenting is a juggling act and sometimes we need a helping hand to get through the multitude of activities that must be completed that day.  From playing taxi service to sitting on the sidelines during activities.  I have an ace up my sleeve for these moments and it comes in the form of the Sky Kids App. … View Post

Stuck In a Rut? Here’s How To …

Stuck In a Rut? Here’s How To Get Out!

Throughout your lifetime you will have moments of sheer joy alongside unparalleled happiness, but you will also have to endure hardship and points of despair. This is the roller coaster of life. Hopefully, you will have more ups than downs, but it is the way that you manage those downs that can impact on your entire well being.… View Post

Top 5 date-night recipes

Top 5 date-night recipes

As anyone who reads this blog regularly will know, I’m not a whizz at cooking. I hate spending hours in the kitchen, and trying to keep three kids entertained at the same time. But sometimes the Mr and I like to have a romantic night in – a glass of wine and some kid-free time. I like to cook food that tastes great but is super quick to make (and easy on the washing-up). Here are my top 5 date-night recipe ideas…… View Post