Learning through play with SMOBY

July 17, 2020

The early years are a pivotal time for children, it is the time when they are learning about the world around them. From the people they love with, their extended network of family and friends, as well as classes, groups or nursery that they may attend. These years are the ones where they will learn so much more than they will as they grow up. From the everyday things of walking, running, talking and understanding (and dealing with) their emotions.

3 Ways to Make Your Home Kind to Your Kids and Your Wallet

June 26, 2020

There’s no denying it – kids are expensive. People think about feeding them and clothing them, but what about keeping them safe and comfortable? Making your house more suitable for kids can cost a pretty penny, but it doesn’t have to! We’ve outlined a list of three ideas to make your home better for your kids without stripping yourself of cash – read on to find out more!

3 Important Things To Consider When House Hunting

June 17, 2020

Hunting for a new home can be one of the most exciting and, at the same time, frustrating experiences. It is exciting when you know exactly what you are looking for. On the other hand, it can be very disappointing when you simply cannot find what you want or you’re not even sure of what you want in the first place.

Garden bucket List {Update} | Creating a children’s play area

June 15, 2020

One of the bigger tasks that we wanted to do was to create a play area for the children. After losing their trampoline in the storms earlier in the year they have only had a few bits and bobs to occupy them in the garden. Wishing to create something that will last whilst they each grow up. As well as a durable area so that we don’t have to worry during storms and Piglet’s fearless approach to life

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