Grohanger // Kids Clothes Storage Made Easy

November 13, 2017 No Comments

As I prepared for the birth of Roo I wanted to be organised with her clothing.  Starting with a chest of drawers, each drawer was labelled to hold an age group of clothing (newborn, 0-3m, etc.).  As Roo arrived and we discovered she was a girl, sleepsuits and 2-piece sets were replaced for pretty dresses and suddenly wardrobe space was required.  At first, this was easy to control as I used one colour of clothes hangers for each age group.  Before I knew it I’d ran out of a particular colour and it became a free for all.

Portmeirion // Peppa Pig Children’s Tableware

November 10, 2017 4 Comments

Whether you are looking tin introduce your children’s favourite character to your dinner table or just want to lots of tea parties.  Then Portmeirion Peppa Pig Children’s Tableware set is one that you’ll want to take a look at.  The delightful 3-piece porcelain tableware set is something that can be used for both requirements. It may even help encourage little ones who are going through a fussy stage eat their dinners.

Keeping your kitchen warm this winter

November 9, 2017 No Comments

The clocks have gone back, the nights are drawing in and temperatures have definitely dropped. 

If you’re already planning a kitchen renovation, then you might well have spent a lot of time pondering the type of bespoke cabinetry you want. From worktops and splashback materials to the appliances, you and your family will need to keep things running smoothly. You might have even started to think about lighting and wall colours. However, the one thing that can often make or break the usability of a kitchen – particularly during the winter months – is often not given nearly enough thought. 

Low Stress Strategies For A Kid Friendly Living Room

November 9, 2017 No Comments

Being a parent is amazing! It’s also pretty stressful some days, especially if the little ones are throwing their food on the floor, refusing to go down for a nap, or just generally being difficult. That is why I think it’s vital that you have a space in the home that you can relax and recuperate in. A haven of tranquillity where you can come together as a family and spend some quality time. For us, this place is the living room, but getting this room right can be tricky, especially if it has to cater for multiple generations.

Creating my own adults-only escape

November 8, 2017 17 Comments

Ever feel like the house is overrun with kids’ stuff or clutter? Dream of the oasis of an adult’s only room where you can’t stand on Lego, no creepy dolls eye-balling you and the only snacks on offer are cheese & wine?

As a parent, it is hard trying to grasp precious moments to yourself, with your partner or entertaining friends, but we know you deserve it.

The Value Of Community Focused Roofers

November 1, 2017 No Comments

Roofing companies operating in Toronto tend to specialize in flat roofs – a preferred style in the GTA – although they should be experts in all styles and types of roofing. The importance of using high-quality materials in roofing is vital, especially in flat roofs. Most reputable Toronto roofers use the highest quality materials to produce a longer lasting roof; a roof in the GTA should last at least 20-30 years and as long as 40 years if proper maintenance is observed. Shingles of high quality defend against volatile weather and provide the best protection for a home.

11 Creative Ideas To Sell Your Property

October 30, 2017 No Comments

Innovation is the lifeblood of any business. Having said that, we mean, taking the innovation route, your business creates a positive vibe surrounding it. So goes with the endeavour to sell your house fast for cash. If you are still in two minds, we then advise you to explore the following creative tips here.

Best hedges for kids?

October 3, 2017 1 Comment

Part of building a kid-friendly environment in the garden is choosing the right plants to put in. Adding hedges to your garden is a great way of creating zones and privacy areas, and also encouraging some wildlife into your garden throughout the year. Hedges are also a little more resilient (and less likely to be trampled) then some of the smaller plants. Planting hedges can mean the garden is a little more inviting as a play area than if you install a collection of easily smashed potted plants or even a greenhouse. So what hedges are best for kids?

A Beginners Guide to Companion Planting

October 1, 2017 No Comments

If you want to live the good life and grow your own fruit and vegetables it’s a good idea to get to grips with companion planting. Companion planting can make the most of small spaces and vastly improve the outcome of your crop yields. It works well because some plants deep roots improve the soil structure and bring nutrients to the surface of the soil for those plants which are spread out and are shallow rooted.

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