A young boy riding a skate board at a skate park

Best 2 wheeled scooters for kids

April 26, 2019

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Kids love scooters. They love that it gives them a way to go fast and do tricks. Parents want to make sure the scooter it the right style and model for their kids. Here are two scooters that are an excellent choice when it comes to the best scooter for 8-year-old.

What is the best scooter for an eight-year-old?

With many two-wheeled scooters available, it can be hard to know which is best suited to your child. Some of the best 2 wheeled scooters for kids are Micro Scooters. Micro Scooters offer a range of smaller scooters that are designed for young children. Some of these scooters are foldable, as well as being lightweight and some are perfect for doing stunts – all depending on what you are looking for.

Thinking about buying a scooter for kids? Want to know the best scooter for an 8-year-old? Here are two options that make a great choice when looking for the best 2 wheeled scooters for kids.

The Micro Sprite and the Micro Cruiser are great beginner scooters. These scooters are both great for children who are learning to ride.

Micro Sprite Scooter

A young boy riding a skate board at a skate park
A man riding a skateboard up the side of a ramp

The Micro Sprite scooter is an excellent first 2 wheeled scooter. It is designed for kids 5-12 years old, which means it is perfect for an 8-year-old. It is lightweight, weighing only 100kg /15st 7lb,  so it is easy for young children to control. Since it steers like a bike, kids can master it quickly. It even has a kickstand that enables the scooter to stand up on its own.

The Micro Sprite Scooter features an adjustable handlebar. The handlebar can set lower for younger children, and as the children grow, the handlebar can be lifted so the kids will not outgrow it quickly. It is also foldable, which makes the scooter small and compact and doesn’t take up much room.

If you have a child looking to do stunts, then this is a great beginner stunt scooter. Good for beginners going to a skate park, with a robust frame.

Micro Cruiser

Scooter and Tigger
A young boy riding a skateboard up the side of a ramp

The Micro Cruiser is a scooter designed for kids ages 5-10. The Cruiser has larger wheels than you’d find on most two-wheeled scooters. The large wheels require less effort from the kids and offering a smoother ride.

Since many kids who are using the Micro Cruiser are new to riding on two wheels, the handlebars resemble a bike’s handlebars for more stability and control. With an adjustable handlebar height, they are able to find a comfortable position in order to practice their skills. Whilst the folding mechanism means that you are able to fold easily to store in the boot of the car on days out or in the garage without taking up too much space.

When buying a scooter for children, it is important to think about what kind of scooter to buy. Consider the safety features and the child’s age before buying.

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