A pencil and paper

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August 3, 2015

A pencil and paper

When Roo started school her infant school gave all the parents a pack of iron on labels with our child’s name on. I initially thought that was kind of them, that was until I a) tried to iron the labels on – cue a few choice words as I caught my fingers on the iron trying to hold them in place as when I didn’t they would curl up. Then b) after the first wash almost half of them came off and I was back trying to iron on new ones. This followed on an almost week occurrence for throughout the year.

By the following school year other mum’s told me to simply write on the labels with a pen. This partly worked however they would either bled so that you could barely make out the name I’d written on. Or the ones that you could read didn’t last long and soon faded away within a wash or two.

For the last couple of years I have muddled on between the two usually opting to use both methods in the vain hope that at least one would stay put and her uniform would have her name in somewhere.


A close up of a logoThe problem isn’t confined to school uniform, Roo has her school bag, water bottle, sports kits, cub uniform as well as her swimming kit and Wellington boots all to be labelled with her name. At a loss as to how I was going to label all of this again this school year on top of all of Tigger’s uniform and school equipment ready for when he starts in September I was pleased when I was contacted my Stamptastic and asked if I’d like to become one of their ambassadors.

Stamptastic was set up in 2011 by three mums with 8 kids, 3 cats, 1 puppy and a mission to make labelling all the school uniform and equipment easier. After all who wants to be sat in front over the TV sewing in endless labels and what happens when they need something urgently for a school activity?

What is Stamptastic?

A nifty little ink pad and stamp/s personalised with your child’s name. It’s the fastest way to name your kids belongings and it looks much more attractive than a quickly scrawled name in biro (we’ve all done it)! The ink lasts on fabric for up to 50 washes (by which time your beloved one will probably have grown out of it or trashed it anyway!) and the ink pad itself should last at least 2 years if you keep it in its little silver bag. In fact some of our first customers back in 2011 are reporting that their ink pads are still going strong today!

Stamptastic kindly sent me over a code to order their original “Stamptastic” ink pad along with personalised transparent name stamps for both Roo and Tigger. Ordering from the site is really straightforward and you have several different options when it comes to personalising each transparent name block:

  • 5 font styles
  • 27 symbols
  • Option to have symbols on the left or right

I opted to have just Roo and Tigger’s names included on the stamps as I’m hoping they will last me throughout school and Roo might be thankfully for that cute crown symbol when she is a full-fledged tween.

A plastic bag on a table

The original Stamptastic ink pad arrives in a silver bag which helps keep the ink pad moist and great for additional uses as your children find more things for you to label throughout the year.

The transparent name stamps make positioning on clothing easy as you can actually see where you are placing the stamp and not having to guess whether you are on the label or stamping half onto the table. As the Stamptastic stamp is so easy to use I have had it on he side in the dining room and as I have bought new items for the upcoming school year I have stamped them before giving them to the children to put away ready for September.

A knife sitting on top of a wooden table

This year I can actually say that I am happy to label my children’s uniform and accessories!

How do you label all your children’s school uniform and accessories?


Disclosure: I am a Stamptastic ambassador, for which I received an original Stamptastic ink pad and two transparent name stamps FOC for the purpose of review

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