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What is a Fitbit Ace for Kids?

June 30, 2018

Struggling to get your kids to be more active? Want your child to run around and play more, but can’t get them off the couch? Fitbit Ace for Kids could be exactly what you are looking for.

Fitbit Ace for Kids

Designed for ages 8 and older, the Fitbit Ace is a wearable monitor that counts steps, active minutes and sleeping habits. The Fitbit Ace is designed to help motivate kids to be more active. The Ace has an adjustable waterproof wrist band that comes in two colors. Since the Ace is designed to able to keep up with kids, it has a battery life of up to 5 days. The Fitbit Ace connects with apps and can be viewed online. This can help parents see what motivated kids to be active.

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But What About Privacy?

Since the Fitbit Ace connects with apps and online, parents are in full control of what the tracker can connect with and what information is shared with the app. In order to make an account, kids need parental consent. This helps keep kids safe since parents are in control. Since this tracker is designed to get kids moving, it won’t highlight things like calorie intake, weight or body fat index. It is designed to be a healthy, encouraging tracker.

How to Get Kids More Active

The Ace helps kids to stay motivated to move. It reminds kids to get up and move after being sedentary for too long. It reminds kids to get up and move at least every hour. The goal is to have children have at least 60 minutes of activity and 9 hours of sleep.

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Make it a Game

Kids are always more likely to do something when it is fun. Put on music and get the kids to dance. This is an easy way to get kids moving. Make an hour-long playlist and see how many songs you and the kids can get through.

Beat the Score

See if the kids can beat their steps the day before. If the children did 5000 steps, see if they can do 5100 the next day. If day to day doesn’t work, see if the kids can beat the weeks before steps. Since kids naturally want to better than before, this can be a way to get a few extra steps each day.

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Hop Hop Jump

Sing something like Hop, Hop Jump. This is a game you can make up as you go. Hops are small and the jump is big. See who can get to the finish line first.

It doesn’t matter what you do to get the kids moving but to have healthier kids, you want them to get off the couch and control the screen time. Use the Fitbit Ace to keep track and help kids stay motivated.

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