The Pros and Cons of Having your Teen Get a Part-Time Job

July 25, 2019

Encouraging your teen to get a part-time job may sound like a beneficial way to help them work towards their next stage in life while still under your roof to learn some financial restraints, good work ethic and other things that come up when you start to work at a job. While having a part-time job can help your teen earn money to spend on the extra things they want, it’s important to learn what the pros and cons of having your teen get a part-time job are so that you can make an educated decision on this step.

Pros of Having your Teen Get a Part-Time Job

Financial Lessons

Your teen will learn what a pay stub looks like and with your guidance, they’ll learn how to save some of their weekly paychecks. Allowing your teen to get a part-time job under your supervision will ensure that they learn some financial lessons before heading into adulthood.

Extra Money

Teenagers will often want to have money from you for extra things, such as fashionable clothing, going to the movies and anything else that they think they just have to have. When you allow your teen to get a part-time job, you can require that they now purchase things that they want.

Work Ethic

Having your teen get a part-time job will help teach them good work ethics as well as the value of money. Having your teen get a part-time job during this time of their life will help them learn good work ethics such as getting to work on time and giving a notice when they want to switch jobs.

Cons of Having your Teen get a Part-Time Job

Bad for Financial Aid

If your teen earns too much money at a part-time job then they may get dinged for financial aid. Financial aid for college is quite often what helps teenager’s get into college, so if your teen wants to go to college, then be sure you research how much they can make without financial aid getting impacting.

Distraction from Schoolwork

Some teens can’t keep up with the high level of schoolwork on top of a part-time job. It’s up to you to know if your teenager is able to keep up with their schoolwork while having a part-time job. Many schools require students to put focus first on school and secondly on a job.

Buying Stuff

You may find that your teen now thinks that they can spend money on things you refuse to let them have because it’s their hard-earned money. This con can cause stress on the parent and teen relationship. The best way to avoid this is to set rules on what they cannot spend money on.

There you have it, the pros and cons of having your teen get a part-time job. There are many reasons why parents force their teenager to get a job, the choice is ultimately up to you, but I hope these pros and cons will help you make a solid decision for your household as to whether or not you’ll have your teen get a part-time job.

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