5 Step Weaning Plan from Cow & Gate

September 19, 2012

Cow & Gate takes the stress out of weaning with comprehensive 5 Step Weaning Plan

From first spoonfuls to 3 pureed meals a day…

Cow & Gate have been helping mums feed their babies for over 100 years. They are well aware of how fun, frustrating and messy weaning can be. With this in mind their team of nutritionists and baby feeding advisors have created a 5 step weaning plan to help mums and dads take their babies from first spoonfuls to 3 pureed meals a day.

The 5 Step Weaning Plan will provide mums with all the reassurance they need to take them through each step. In addition to offering guidance on all of the essential equipment you will need, such as colourful feeding spoons, bowls and bibs, the free plan also includes handy shopping lists, pull out
feeding charts to record your progress, and some essential dos and don’ts for weaning. There are also money off coupons for various Cow & Gate products to assist you on your weaning journey, such as fruit pots and jarred baby foods, packed with only the best possible baby grade ingredients for your little one.

5 Step Weaning Plan

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Step 1 – First spoonfuls

Step 1 of the 5 step weaning plan shows you how to introduce the healthy, flavours of our top 10 first food as smooth purees, so your baby can gradually explore and enjoy a variety of new tastes‘ – Christine, baby feeding advisor and mum


  • Pick a time when they’re not too tired or too full with milk
  • Choose a familiar location with few distractions
  • Smile – if you show you don’t like a food, your baby will pick up on how you’re feeling
  • You can make any of the recipes with a little of their usual milk so the taste is more familiar
  • Let them play with their food – put some on their plate or tray and let them squish it!
  • Feed a small amount and watch your baby’s reaction
  • If they want to hold or play with their spoon, let them
  • Avoid feeding them sugary snacks and drinks such as biscuits, jam, rusks and concentrated juice

Step 2 – Introducing breakfast

Now that your baby’s happy with their first spoonfuls, you can start establishing regular mealtimes by adding breakfast to your feeding routine. Starchy foods like cereals provide extra energy and nutrients to support the day’s growing and playing!‘ – Marilyn, baby feeding advisor and mum


  • Start by giving your baby most if their usual morning milk, otherwise they may be too hungry to enjoy their breakfast
  • Serve at room temperature
  • Give your baby a drink of water in a beaker or cup with their breakfast, so they can get used to having a drink with a meal
  • Give them their own spoon to play with so that they can get used to holding one and bringing it to their mouth
  • Don’t worry if your baby still only eats small amounts at first. It’s more important to establish a good routine – their appetite will soon increase

Step 3 – Introducing variety

‘Now your baby’s used to our top 10 first weaning foods and happily eating breakfast, let’s introduce some new fruits and vegetables. Different coloured fruit and veg will provide both different nutrients and new flavours’ – Sharon, baby feeding advisor and mum


  • Follow the recipe instructions and always wash or peel fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Give your baby a drink of water in a beaker or cup with their meal
  • Don’t add sugar, let them enjoy the natural sweetness of fruit

Step 4 – Introducing meat, fish & alternatives

‘Now that your baby is enjoying a variety of fruit and veg and a healthy, happy breakfast, it’s time to progress to the next step of our weaning plan: introducing meat, fish and alternative great sources of protein’ – Marilyn, baby feeding advisor and mum


  • Ensure meat and fish are cooked through properly
  • Always was your hands well after preparing raw meat – especially if you’re going on to prepare fruit or veg
  • Give your baby a drink of water in a beaker or cup with their meal
  • Keep giving your baby their usual milk feeds and try new meat and fish recipes at lunch or teatime 

Step 5 – Establishing 3 meals a day

‘Well done – you’ve reached the final step of our 5 step weaning plan! Your baby’s come a long way from their first spoonfuls. Now they’re ready to start enjoying 3 regular pureed meal occasions a day’ – Christine, baby feeding advisor and mum


  • As well as trying new recipes, continue to give puree recipes from each of the previous steps, even ones that they didn’t seem to like. Remember, it can take several tries before a baby accepts a new taste
  • If your baby is quite tired by teatime, try giving them their main meal at lunch rather than dinner time
  • Try to avoid over feeding. Look out for them turning their heads away, clamping their mouth shut or getting upset if you try to give them another spoonful – they’re trying to tell you they’ve had enough!

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts

Upon receiving the 5 step weaning plan in the post I was surprised to see how user-friendly it was. Each stage was clearly divided with a fold out chart in order for your top to record food tried, date, liked? and any notes.   Although Tigger is now more or less on ‘normal’ foods his favourite is still the Cow & Gate Stage 2 Cauliflower Cheese, in fact, I know he is ill if he won’t eat that! Even after your little one is weaned don’t be afraid to use the Stage 1 fruit purees as a tasty snack or dessert. Or try adding extra vegetables to a stage 2 or 3 to make it more chunky and serve for lunch or tea.

More Info

For further support and reassurance, mums can also contact the friendly team of baby feeding experts, who are also mums, via the Cow & Gate Careline. In addition to the free, 24/7 Careline, mums can also access the live chat feature at www.cowandgate.co.uk or post any queries on the Cow & Gate Facebook page.

Register for your free 5 Step Weaning Plan at www.cowandgate.co.uk/order_weaning_plan, where you can also download interactive meal planners, find more recipes or chat to other mums to swap tips on the weaning forums.

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