Preparing for one last Christmas party

December 18, 2015

Next week is my annual ward Christmas party. A party that I’ve attended for the last eight years. I can still remember taking Roo with me the first year when she was just one years old and she fell asleep in the middle of the floor amongst all the noise from the Christmas tunes and my colleagues chatting and dancing around the room.

This year is different, this year I am preparing for one last Christmas party as my Community Hospital ward closed its doors for the final time at the end of November. The patients have all gone, staff have been redeployed to new departments and plans are going through for other departments to love into the vacant space. However for one last time we are all coming together for one last Christmas party, an opportunity to sat a fond farewell to the ward and all the colleagues I have worked with over the years.

This year we are going all out, we’ve hired in the caterers instead of us all bringing a plate of food along. We are putting up the bunting and photos from across the years as there are no beautiful Christmas decorations up making the ward fee festive. Finally we are all dressing up, usually we’ll have our Christmas jumpers on or festive hats but this year we are donning our little black dresses and kitten heels ready to give the ward one last festive send off.

Preparing for one last Christmas party

There is a part of me looking forward to seeing everyone again, a chance for Roo and Tigger to play with my colleagues children and grandchildren (the children they have grown up with over the years I have worked there). Then there is also a part of me very sad to be saying a final farewell to my little Community Hospital ward and my colleagues (many of whom I have worked with for over 8 years and have become great friends).

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