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Moving schools

September 13, 2016

I’m not quite sure how we decided upon the pre-school we sent Roo to that was attached to a local infant school. It was slightly out of catchment area and the complete opposite side of the town from where her day nursery was. As it was, she loved her time in pre-school so when it came time to apply for reception class places we naturally put that infant school down. Fortunately, we secured a place for her and she was very happy there until it came time to move to junior school.

A young boy standing on a field

With Tigger already enrolled in the infant school’s pre-school it seemed only logical to apply for Roo to attend the junior school close by but again was out of our catchment. Thankfully she gained a place there, if she hadn’t I wasn’t sure what we were going to do as the junior school in our catchment started at the same time as Tigger’s pre-school, however, on the other side of where we lived.

Starting School

By the time it came to apply for Tigger to start reception, Roo’s junior school had changed into a primary school. Against my better judgment, I applied for a place there as it would make the school run easier each day. My reservations about the school in taking reception age children for the first time were unfounded and Tigger loved his time there.

Moving Schools

Earlier this year we decided to move house and within just a few weeks it all happened. I didn’t have the time to go and visit new schools. I didn’t have the time to research their Ofsted reports, the performance charts etc. I had to make a decision about which school they would move to within a day as we needed to get the application in ready for the start of the new summer term.

School Reviewer

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I wish I had known about www.schoolreviewer.co.uk, I wish I had been able to see the stats and information about the different schools within the new area. To be able to read on forums questions and answers from other parents and to see what they really think of the school.

School Reviewer is so much more than just a school review site, it has guides on exams. As well as sections to buy and sell school uniform, book bags, and equipment. A section on recruiting tutors which might not appeal to everyone but I certainly would look into getting my children extra help in subjects that they struggle in.

New School Term

Fortunately, the local school in which Roo and Tigger now attends seems to be a good fit for them. It is large without being overpowering, yet small enough to still have that village feel to it. Plus it is just two minutes down the road.

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Do you remember how you choose your child’s school?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post, although I really do wish I’d known about this free service when we moved house earlier this year.

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