A box of green grass

Molkky outdoor skittles game

June 2, 2018

When we moved home to a house with a garden the children were so excited. The first few weeks you couldn’t get them out of it. Then slowly the novelty of it wore off and they had to sometimes be coaxed out of the house. The introduction of a trampoline and wooden playhouse helped with this and they do enjoy going out there. With the weather picking up we’ve been looking at garden games that we can all enjoy playing. With bowling one of our favourite family activities, the Molkky outdoor skittles game seemed the perfect fit. 

Molkky outdoor skittles game

A box of green grass

Molkky is an outdoor skittles game in which success is based on a combination of chance and throwing accuracy. All you need is some outdoor space – a garden, park, or a village green – add in a few friends or family members and a set of Molkky Pins.

The first player to knock down 50 points worth of wooden pins wins the game!


  • 12 wooden numbered pins
  • Throwing pin
  • Rules leaflet

A close up of some grass

Molkky // How to play

Playing Molkky is relatively quite simple, however, it can be a game of tactics and very competitive.

  • The pins are placed in a formation (see above picture)
  • A throwing line is drawn about 3-4 metres away from the pin formation
  • Players take turns in scorekeeping to see who reaches 50 points first

Although the game is aimed at children aged 8+ years we found that all three of the children were able to get involved. By amending the throwing distance even little Piglet could join in and have a go.

Molkky // Learning through play

What the children don’t realise when playing the Molkky outdoor skittles game is that they are learning through play. From coordination lining up the pins to improving their throwing skills. Maths from adding up the fallen pins and working out how many pins they need to get to 50 points. As well as learning how to play together, winning and losing and even joining forces against mum and dad for a game or two.

A person sitting in a yard

Molkky // Where Can I Buy?

The Molkky outdoor skittles game is available to buy from Amazon and other good toy retailers.

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