Be Our Guest – Jakks Beauty & The Beast Toys {Review}

March 17, 2017

Over the years I have watched many, many Disney films. From the ones I enjoyed as a child to the ones that my children favoured as they grew up. Disney has that unique appeal to all ages so even now I am quite happy to sit down and watch either one of the classics or the modern-day versions of the stories.

Beauty and the Beast is one of the films I have seen time and time again. With it being a family favourite, you can imagine that we are all keen to see the new live action version that is released into cinemas today. I can’t work out whether it is the storyline, the enchanted furniture or the songs that we enjoy the most. The new film has given us a great excuse to relive the magic as well as enjoy some of the new Jakks Beauty & The Beast Toys that are available to coincide with the new film.

Jakks Beauty & The Beast Toys

The best way to bring a film alive is through play and Jakks Toys seem to have taken note of this with their range of Beauty & The Beast inspired toys. There is something in the collection for everyone, whether you are looking for tea set for younger 

The Enchanted Objects Tea Set

Beauty & The Beast - The Enchanted Objects Tea Set

Mrs. Potts, the doting housekeeper who was transformed into a teapot, cares deeply for all who inhabit the castle – especially her fun-loving son Chip, the teacup, who is always on the move by way of his saucer. These two are not your average cup of tea!

Beauty & The Beast - The Enchanted Objects Tea Set (pouring Mrs. Potts)

The Enchanted Objects Tea Set includes Mrs. Potts whose eyes close as you tip her to pour out some tea. Chip the teacup on his wobbling saucer, an additional teacup and saucer, two spoons and sugar bowl.

Ballroom Belle

Role playing the Beauty & Beast film wouldn’t be the same without Belle. Ballroom Belle is dressed in her iconic yellow ball gown complete with the Tree of Life pendant necklace. She is ready to join in with a tea party with Mrs. Potts and Chip, dance around the room or stand in wonder looking at the enchanted rose.

Ballroom Belle has her trademark dark locks which come in a tight ringlets which has been sprayed to stay in place which packaged. We found that by teasing the ringlets it gave a more natural look to her hair without it going frizzy.

The Enchanted Rose Jewellery Box

Can I hold my hands up and say that I was most excited about the Enchanted Rose Jewellery Box. There is something beautiful and special about seeing the rose within the glass dome (or plastic dome in the case of this toy).

The Enchanted Jewellery Box has three settings, off, on, and lights only which allow you to interact with it in different ways. Although the Tale as old as time song is a classic so we have opted to leave the music on. Opening the drawer activates the rose to bloom and light up which is just beautiful and the drawer is large enough to hold the feather ring included in the set as well as a couple of small jewellery items.

Now we just need to book our trip to the cinema to see whether the new Beauty & The Beast film is as good as the original.

Disclosure: We received a selection of Jakks Beauty & The Beast Toys FOC for the purpose of review.

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  • RachelSwirl March 20, 2017 at 11:42 am

    These look so awesome especially given that E our daughter adores Beauty and the Beast. I will be sure to add some of these items to her birthday list.

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