A flock of seagulls flying over a city

Hyderabad Tour Guide: Things Not to Miss

November 13, 2017

Hyderabad, the capital of Telangana, currently a modern and bustling metropolis and a hi-tech city, is a 400-year-old city rich in historical places and monuments. It is also a food paradise for the foodies interested in traditional Hyderabadi food that includes the quintessential Biriyani and other Mughlai stuff. Also known as the Pearl City of India it was once the country’s centre for diamond and pearl trading in India. It is currently transformed into one of the most significant IT hubs of India. From historic houses like the Muslim Royal Houses of the Asaf Jahs and Qutb Shahs to the glittering malls, fascinating clubs or the refined restaurants this city offers a complete package to its tourists. So, while you plan your trip to Hyderabad this winter, we have a quick guide for you starting from the Hyderabad Airport about the things that you should not miss.

Hyderabad Tour Guide: Things Not to Miss

A flock of seagulls flying over a city


There is no missing this iconic tomb as it’s the centrepiece of Hyderabad. It’s a grand and imperial structure that stands proudly at the centre of a busy public area. Built-in 1591 by Quli Qutab Shah. While some say that the king built it for his wife, some believe that it was constructed as on offering to prevent the city from plague attack. However, the closest theory is that it was built in celebration of the end of the water deficit in the city solving many problems due to the crisis.

Salar Jung Museum

Next, in your touring itinerary, it can be the splendid Salar Jung Museum that’s a place worth a visit if you are an antique lover. It is touted as the world’s largest one-man collection of antiques which was created by a once majestic vizier, Mir Yousef Ali Khan. He is known to have dedicated his life and wealth to the collection of these antiques that include Asian and European Arts. The fascinating collection of fine art, sculptures, manuscripts and a wide range of other ancient items are arranged in over 40 galleries. Aurangzeb’s sword, a tiffin box made of gold and diamonds and Raji Ravi Verma’s paintings are some of the Indian items to watch out for.

A large stone building with a mountain in the background

Golconda Fort

One of the most striking architectural structures in the city would be the Golconda Fort. When you clap your hands in any specific place in the entrance, the sound generated can be heard past 1km away reaching the highest point of the pavilion. The fort is located on a 400ft high hill enclosed with three lines of defence walls that range from 17ft to 34ft in height. The remains of the drawbridges and deep channel that encircled the outer walls can be still seen.

Ramoji Film City

The Ramoji Film City is a must visit straight from the Hyderabad Airport. This is the world’s largest film studio and the world’s largest unified film studio also popularly known as Tollywood. It is spread across 2000 acres of land and features many fascinating attractions such as the amusement park, and organises shows and tours of the area.

10 Downing Street

This is not the abode of the Prime Minister of England as you imagine, but is rather a shoddy and vintage yet a chic club in Hyderabad. It resembles that of an English living room or a pub that is made for all the fun and entertainment. The theme seeks inspiration from the London life with a huge oval-shaped bar in the centre and plenty of space around for dancing and hanging around with friends.


There’s no missing the perpetually favourite Hyderabadi Biriyani when you are in the city. It’s even better if you have landed during the lunchtime at Hyderabad Airport so, you can straight away head to this sophisticated restaurant located next to another famous restaurant named Dakshin. You can either choose from the range of Biriyanis or choose from the set menus and platters that are sumptuous and filling. You can even choose to share your platter which is a great option.

If you are planning to visit a city that’s rich in culture, food, and history yet modern, Hyderabad can be your next destination. So, book your tickets online and start a fulfilling journey from Hyderabad Airport to the places mentioned above and thanks us later.

A group of people walking in front of Salar Jung Museum

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