A view of a kitchen floor

How to create a homely ambience in your entryway

September 4, 2018

I’m afraid to say it, but it’s true… summer is done and dusted. There’s a great big X on the calendar this week for many parents up and down the country, as children head back to school for the new term of a new year.

With all those awesome summer activities now memories, we’re sure to be spending more time darting in and out of the house for school runs, work shifts, and not forgetting those all-important extra-curricular activities.

Yes, our halls and staircases are about to become the most used part of our homes, once again.

A view of a kitchen floor

The entrance area of any home should always be warm and welcoming. Investing in soft lamps and nifty storage solutions can really set the space off. Don’t forget to add a glowing Scentsy warmer, as well! When you’re busying about amongst the hustle and bustle of the working week, your hall and staircase is the first thing you see when you finally reach home.

It should be inviting, comforting, organised and personalised too. Add some little touches that instantly remind you of loved ones and good times. It makes for a wonderful, welcome greeting after a hard day out of the house.

And you’re not the only one who sees that area of the house first, either. Ever thought about that?

Whatever’s going on in that space creates a first impression. For most people, your entryway and your staircase are the most seen areas of the home. The postman sees it, the window cleaner, your parcel delivery bloke, the list goes on.

Friends and family, too. As the weather draws in, we are coming close – dare I say it – to the festive season. Between Halloween, Bonfire Night, and Christmas festivities, you are sure to see much more footfall through the entrance of your home than any other season.

If you are wondering where to invest your hard-earned moolah this autumn/winter, a staircase renovation is an unusual choice but one that has a huge, impressive impact. Enquiring now will mean that there is ample time to get started and turn your space around before all the merriment of the autumn-winter season starts.

A bicycle in front of a door

Depending on your home, such a renovation can really lift the entryway. There may even be the capacity to build in some much-needed additional storage space now that the after-school sports clubs are back in the diary.

Maybe a little Potter-esque under-the-stairs reading nook would go down a treat, too?

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