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Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg

November 8, 2016

With the children’s TV channels dominating the TV during the day it is inevitable that I get to see my fair share of TV adverts. Back in October, there was an advert that caught my eye and that of Roo’s too. The advert was for Hatchimals, however, it didn’t give much away. Each time it came on I watched to see if I’d missed a segment of it, alas no, it was just a teaser for was to come upon the launch of Hatchimals later in the month.

As I was making the tea one night after school, I could hear Roo shrieking from the front room… ‘it’s hatched, Mum! It’s hatched!’. The follow-up advert had just shown on the TV to showcase what laid inside the magical egg that we had been seeing in the weeks previously. From that moment Roo was hooked. Watching hatching videos on YouTube and making the all important decision as to whether to ask for one for her birthday or wait until Father Christmas pays us a visit.

Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg

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With two different Hatchimals species to choose from: Pengualas within pink and teal or pink eggs and Draggles within green and blue or purple eggs. The final colour of the Hatchling is down to a random pick as you are not able to select which of the two colours you will gain.

What’s included:

  • One Hatchimals Egg (includes 2x AA batteries required for hatching and operation)
  • A birth certificate
  • Instructions
  • A quick glance colour code guide

The hatching process

Once you have taken the Hatchimals out of the box it is ready to go, so best to wait until you know that you have the time to ‘hatch’ your egg. Whilst the egg itself is quite strong it is important to note that by dropping it at this stage will corrupt the hatching progress and will result in a failed hatch (you’d have to manually hatch the egg).

Once out and safely held within warm hands the Hatchimals will start to hatch. Coloured lights will appear through the top of the shell to indicate what level of attention that it requires from you. From holding the bottom of the egg, a gentle pat or a warming rub.

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According to the instructions the hatching process should take around 25 minutes, however, we found that is was almost an hour. With the eyes flashing rainbows and the hatchling spinning inside of the egg tapping on the shell to crack it open, Roo watched with anticipation.

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Slowly the shell began to crack all the way around and a teal Pengualas appeared. With the top of the shell requiring a little assistance to come off fully. The shell base and top can now be used as a home for the hatchling whenever it is not in play.

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Hatchimals stages

  1. Egg – Requires nurture until it is ready to begin hatching. Tilt, tap or touch the egg to interact with it
  2. Hatching – With rainbow eggs flashing to indicate hatching is about to take place. Pecking will commence from inside the egg, hold the egg as the process happens.
  3. Baby – Care and comfort your hatchling in the early stages of its life
  4. Toddler – Become a teacher and show them how to walk, talk and even dance
  5. Kid – Playtime! Have fun and unlock different games

With no need to download apps or connect it to devices it enables children to interact with their Hatchimals wherever they maybe. The hatchling can also be reset back to the baby stage so that they are able to ‘raise’ their hatchling through the different stages time and time again. Also worth noting that there is an off switch for when quiet time is required.

Where to buy

Hatchimals are the must-have Christmas toy list for 2016, you can get your hands on one from your local Argos store or online at www.argos.co.uk priced at £59.99.

Disclosure: We received a Hatchimals Pengualas Teal Egg FOC for the purpose of review

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