A close up of a window

Why Glass Components Never Go Out of Fashion

March 27, 2017

Glass is a fantastic material to work with in any interior design scheme. No matter what the style, from traditional to the clean line of minimalism to the intricate detailing of Art Deco, glass has its place.

There are many reasons why glass never goes out of fashion and Balustrade Components illustrates the properties of glass that make it so sought after.

Why Glass Components Never Go Out of Fashion

A close up of a window

Strength in Beauty

On one hand, we think of glass in terms of its fragility. As a single pane, it is fragile with hardly any pressure needed to crack or shatter it.

And yet, with heat treatment, glass can become incredibly hard. So hard in fact, that it takes super-human strength to chip it and even more to shatter it.

This strength gives it, even more, beauty and this is why it is a material that can be used in everything from windows to glass staircases, to beautiful centre light fittings to walls of glass.

Cleanliness and Hygiene

There is no doubt that underpinning any interior design scheme is function and practicality. Everyone wants a stylish home with an interior that they love, but all too often, we have to trade style for practicality.

When it comes to choosing materials, this is certainly the case. You may love the look and feel of silk but on a sofa, in a busy family home, it is not practical nor robust enough.

Glass suits any home, from the bachelor pad to the busy family home because it is simple, yet elegant but – more importantly – it can be kept hygienically clean without too many chemicals, too much time nor too much hassle.


What colours do you like for the interior of your home? Do you like the depths and drama of darker shades or prefer the light, airy appeal of a lighter colour palette?

With glass, you can confidently slip it into any interior design colour scheme. And when you update the colours in your home to the latest trends, there is no need to replace glass because is simply slides right into the new scheme, without distracting nor overshadowing.

Tactile in Nature

There is something delightfully tactile about glass. It invites people to touch it, to feel its smoothness and coolness against the skin.

From a glass infill panel on a staircase balustrade to the frameless balustrade of a balcony to the raised shelving on a desk to the minimalist glass shelving across the home, people are attracted to glass. And why not? It looks simply stunning.

Decadent in Appeal

It may be a ‘common’ material. It may be one that we are used to seeing in many different applications and yet, there is still a decadence and an appeal in its nature.

It can look simply stunning – whether that is cut to certain shapes, with rounded edges, frosted or tempered, glass, no matter where you see it, can make the space look so much more exciting.

Seeing it in places that you would never expect to see glass – such a glass stair treads – simply adds to this sense of decadence. Who would have thought that tempered glass could float, as if by magic but by the power of physics, from a wall, forming a staircase that is decadent and beautiful?

Minimal but Exciting

Glass can be many things and this is why it is a material that will never go out of fashion.

It can be the star of the show – think breath-taking chandelier or the modern, futuristic look of a glass staircase – or it can a supporting act in the overall feel of an interior design scheme. For example, glass infills on staircases and balustrades may not be the loudest singer in the choir but its use in the overall scheme adds more than a few notes of perfect harmony.

Modern and Traditional

How would you describe your taste? Do you like the appeal of minimalism, the clean lines, and the delightful angles? Glass fits perfectly with a minimal scheme.

Or maybe you have more eclectic tastes? Or maybe you prefer the appeal of traditional design? Either way, no matter what the style, from Art Deco to hyper-minimalism, glass fits the bill.

How Will You Use Glass?

Glass is a material in plentiful supply. It is affordable too and with a few minor changes to its composition, it can be used in something different entirely.

How will you use glass in your interior design scheme?

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Balustrade Components supply a range of components and fixings that allow glass to be the star of the show from glass shelving to glass staircases and balustrades

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