The Best Simple Things You Can Do to Make the House Cozier

August 10, 2021

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Home renovation and decoration can be exhausting. Most people decide to tackle a huge amount of work all at once, decorating entire floors or the whole house. Such an ambitious project scope can leave many unwilling to push through to the end.

One of the things I prefer to do when faced with such a task is to break it down into manageable parts. Perhaps you don’t need to redecorate the entire house at once. Going room by room can make it less challenging and give you the inspiration you need to press onward.

Even better, when you finish a smaller portion of the house and see how good it looks, it’ll motivate you to keep going.

Focal Points Work for Both Small and Big Roomairsai

When thinking about decorations, it’s always a good idea to figure out how much space you’re working with first. A larger house or an apartment can easily accommodate plenty of decorations, but it can get cluttered pretty quickly if you go overboard.

Start by adding a few focal points to the walls you want to accentuate. It will naturally draw the eye regardless of the room’s dimensions. Plus, it will allow you to play with the lighting and furniture placement. One of the most common focal points of living rooms are TVs or fireplaces. They provide natural crevices for decoration and determine where you’ll position the furniture. However, if you lack those, use smaller decorations on a console or a shelf and a bunch of art to make a statement piece.

If you want to add a modernized feel to a home, why not go for a magical-looking levitating gadget from Floately? For example, the Volta levitating lightbulb creates a distinct environment, delivering light to other focal point pieces. Despite its rustic appearance, it’s a LED-powered bulb, making it not only attractive but energy efficient.

Floately - The Best Simple Things You Can Do to Make the House Cozier

Beware of Where You Put the Furniture

Most people think that the room looks bigger when the furniture is out of the way. But putting all furniture up against a wall is generally a no-go, leaving an enormous empty space in the middle of the room. Positioning furniture more centrally allows you to create separate areas where party guests can mingle without disrupting the larger group.

If you have a smaller room, avoid bulky furniture. An upholstered chair will look much better than an oversized sofa. Pair a few chairs, a sofa, and a coffee table together to create a functional yet stylish living room for any situation.

When setting up the coffee table align it with furniture in either a U- or an H-shape.

Plants are pretty much a necessity in any home. They add greenery and a sense of general well-being and comfort. Choose the plants according to how much care they need and how large they will grow. A sprinkle of colour here and there is nice, but an overgrown jungle of plants might be a bigger hassle than anticipated.

If you don’t want to put bulky pots around the room, use smaller desk plants to zhuzh up your living space. For example, the rotating plant pot Airsai from Floately can do the trick. It’s suitable for a smaller plant, doesn’t use up much electricity, and will look relaxing and funky at the same time. A rotating plant will also absorb sunlight more evenly, allowing it to grow upwards instead of toppling over.

Floately - The Best Simple Things You Can Do to Make the House Cozier

If you have a few older decorations which are still in solid shape, they can provide a beautiful contrast to modern art pieces and furniture. You can quickly reshape older baskets into hanging pieces. You could even get the entire family involved in the fun, making decorations they’d prefer to see every day.

If you want to get more ideas about how a modern home can benefit from a levitating gadget or a minimalistic piece, You might find some inspiration to create a unique home according to your taste. check out Floately’s products:

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