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Keeping the family excited about the new year ahead

December 7, 2022


When a new year begins and another ends, it’s not always easy to feel motivated about heading back to work or school. This can lead to a family home that’s lethargic and apprehensive about starting off a new year the right way. But when your family starts to feel those post-holiday blues, how can you give them the inspiration to approach a new year with enthusiasm and excitement?

Here are some effective ways of staying positive while bonding as a family when a new year begins 

Ways to bond as a family this New Year

Keeping the family excited about the new year ahead - person pointing a location on the map

Plan a big holiday or road trip

Kick-off a new year in style and plan a secret family trip for next year! This can be as simple as a camping trip between parents and children or a huge family outing with uncles and aunts and cousins. Either way, try to keep this fun family secret up your sleeve until the right time to announce it comes along.

Drop hints and get the family excited 

Sometimes the best way to get people excited is to leave little clues or fun gifts to help them guess what it is. Are you all hoping to take the world’s greatest day off to a sunny location? Why not wrap up a pair of mens sunglasses and see if your partner or son can predict the announcement? Is it a kid-focused trip to a water park? How about wrapping up a few new snorkels to get the children excited? 

Be positive when discussing the future

A family trip isn’t the only way to get the household more excited about the new year ahead. No matter what you say or do, it’s important to use positive language and sound like you just can’t wait for what’s in store for you all in this new chapter of your lives. As adults, leading by example can help to set the tone for how the rest of the family acts and feels. So approach things with a smile and a positive attitude and others will soon fall in line. 

Make lists of everyone’s individual goals 

Perhaps the most important part of keeping your family excited and united in a new year is having your own individual goals to track and aim for. Not only are you all going to be more likely to accomplish your goals if you write them down, but you can support one another in getting them done. It’s a great way to bond as a family while respecting what makes your family so special – your individuality. And these lists can also provide you with a range of gift ideas across the year to keep your loved ones motivated and on the path to achieving these goals. 

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If you’re able to maintain that level of positivity and excitement for just a few months, the rest will come naturally. In no time at all, another year will have passed, and you’ll find your family looking back on an amazing year while looking forward to making new goals for the year after that too!

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