5 tips for saving yourself money during energy saving week

5 Tips for saving yourself money during energy saving week

January 17, 2022

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It is big energy saving week! This is a national campaign with a focus on saving UK homeowners money on our energy bills. I think we’ve all noticed our energy bills creeping up recently and it seems like they’re only going to climb higher. We’ve been told to expect our bills to increase by over 50 per cent in the next few months!

How to save money during energy saving week

Here are some of my top tips for bringing your energy usage down and saving yourself some money.

Energy Saving Week: Flush Sash uPVC window

Setting your thermostat properly

One of the simplest changes you can make is to correctly set your thermostat. The ideal temperature for your home during the winter is somewhere between 18 and 20 degrees. This temperature is enough to keep your home warm and comfortable without being too stuffy.

Leaving your heating on throughout the day will leave you with costly energy bills and a stuffy home. Set your thermostat to drop and rise as it suits your workday or routine. I recommend dropping the temperature to below 10 degrees whilst you’re out of the house or during the night whilst you sleep. Have your heating kick back into your desired temperature half an hour before you return home or before you wake up. By properly setting your thermostat you won’t be wasting unnecessary energy and you could see a big slash in your monthly bills.

Upgrading to modern double glazing 

Did you know around 18% of the heat lost in your home is through your windows? So many of us have inefficient windows fitted without even realising. Any windows over 15 years old should be replaced by a reputable installation company. Double glazing has advanced so much in the last 10 years that it is now the most energy-efficient solution in your home. It can also improve the noise reduction from outside which is perfect if you’re living near a road or busy area. As well as improving the overall security and safety of your home and family. 

The most popular window choice for homes across the UK are modern uPVC windows. They’re such a popular choice as the cost is extremely reasonable, especially when you consider the outstanding quality and benefits of uPVC. Another reason to love uPVC windows is the sheer number of customisations available, you can choose from loads of styles, hardware and accessory options. You’ll also get to choose a colour from over 100 RAL colour swatches. 

Being aware of your water usage 

Watching how much water you’re using is really important when you want to bring your utility bills down. Simple things to remember are:

  • Leaving the water off whilst you brush your teeth or whilst you’re shaving. 
  • Invest in a washing up bowl and fill it with warm soapy water to wash up instead of leaving the taps running. 
  • Cap the length of your showers and avoid running the bath regularly.
  • Leave your garden alone, it doesn’t need watering as much as you think. (Save watering your garden for the evening.) 
Energy Saving Week: Loading the washing machine

Using your washing machine efficiently

I think most of us can agree that we’re reliant on our washing machines especially when you have little ones. Your energy bills can easily be reduced by only washing a full load and leaving small piles to accumulate into full washing loads. The average washing machine uses 19 gallons of water per wash, so the more washes you need to do the more water and energy you will be wasting. If you hate having dirty washing hanging around, invest in a washing hamper with a lid for each bedroom and the bathroom. 

For all general washes, you should set your machine to 30 degrees, this will get your clothes clean and almost all washing liquids, pods and powders are effective at 30 degrees. You should only use your washing machine at a high temperature when you’re trying to kill bacteria and germs. 

Switching energy supplier

Don’t settle for your current energy supplier! Although you could be on the right tariff, it’s definitely worth researching other suppliers to see if you’re on the best rate. It’s good to remember that some companies will charge you an exit fee to leave before your contract runs out. If you have an exit fee, then you need to ensure you get a tariff that is worth paying this for. If you don’t think it would be worth paying your exit fee set yourself a reminder to revisit other suppliers once your contract has ended. 

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