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November 12, 2012

Before Mr Boo and I made the decision to have children there was something that I had to accomplish first… learning to drive. Mr Boo never wanted me to be one of those mums juggling a baby, pushchair and shopping on and off buses. So back in 2005 I set about learning to drive and by the end of August I had taken and passed my driving test.

At the time Mr Boo had a blue Ford Escort, however it wasn’t the family car that I wanted so we decided to trade it in and get a Citroen Xsara Picasso. Considering we didn’t have Roo until 15 months later you can tell I like to plan in advance.

Since getting that Picasso we have upgraded to a diesel, but nevertheless it was another Picasso… Why? because I know that car it is one of a handful of cars I have ever driven. It is my driving comfort zone, this does not make it my ideal car but it’s almost like my comfort blanket.

Challenging my driving comfort zone

I have always driven a manual car, I learnt in a manual, all the cars/vans I have ever driven have been a manual. So when I took delivery of an ice white Volvo XC60 last week I joked with the delivery man about it being an automatic and he replied ‘it is an automatic‘, I honestly thought he was pulling my leg… turns out he wasn’t.

A car parked in a parking lot
How am I suppose to drive an automatic?
I have never driven an automatic!


However those clever people at Volvo have it all worked out… Their automatics are not just any old automatic, oh no, they are a Geartronic. Which allows the option of driving the car in either automatic mode or manual (just without having to use a clutch). A fully versatile car that can be used by both types of drivers.

The delivery driver was so helpful in explaining the basics of start/stop etc and even gave me a little driving lesson down the seafront to make sure I was happy with the car, who won’t be happy it is after all a gorgeous looking car. Most importantly he was happy for me to test drive the car in both manual and automatic modes to see which I was more comfortable with.

An automatic convert?

After only a quick drive in the XC60 I could see the benefits of driving in automatic mode, the ease of pulling away, slowing down, and general drive. Could I be a convert? If I could just remember not to use my left leg I think I really could be!

Join me whilst I extend my driving comfort zone with #Volvo

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Boo xxx
Disclosure Policy: I have been given use of a Volvo XC60 for a few weeks to test drive, review and generally play with

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