A plane flying over a large body of water

Curating A Vacation Experience Like No Other

February 17, 2020

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When we arrange a vacation personal to us, that is something special, it’s important to break down what might contribute to the best experience. Some things are self-evidently interesting and fun and may curate your entire reason for travelling in the first place. For instance, seeing the Northern Lights or visiting Lapland during the Christmas period can be special trips that last in your memory for a lifetime, and it’s important for people to have self-assigned experiences like that at some point in their life.

It may be that in order to celebrate a certain life event, or to spend your money wisely, or to enjoy some truly valuable vacationing time with your family, you’re personally looking at developing a vacation experience like no other. This approach can be phenomenal and enjoyable provided you get things right, and there’s no reason why you should feel this is out of your grasp. 

Luckily, with some of the following advice, we’ll help you develop your holiday experience of a lifetime, broken down into the most important constituent elements:

A plane flying over a body of water

Travel Somewhere You May Not Usually Go

Take the time to travel somewhere you may not usually be found. After all, we can revisit the same tourist traps time and time again provided we find joy there, and there’s nothing particularly wrong with that, but if you hope for a new experience, a new location is a great idea. For instance, you may search ‘how long does it take to fly to Hawaii’ as part of your greater US travel adventures, as this can give you a great and loving opportunity to visit a picturesque island during your cultural adventures. We all have locations such as this that we would love to visit based on the fact that they’re celebrated worldwide, and it’s worth considering that to begin with.

Make The Commute Part Of The Trip

Make the commute part of the trip. We can often find that sleeping during our transport, or finding the quickest way there as cheaply as possible is the usual game plan we go with, but what if we decided to move forward and find a travel experience that allows us to start our vacation much earlier? For instance, it could be that investing in a boat experience, a higher class of flight, or perhaps even designing a worthwhile road trip can give us the means to enjoy our approach to our destination, and our return from it. It’s easy to see transportation as a necessary evil that must be overcome in the easiest manner possible, but when you curate this vacation time with an added smile, you’ll be surprised just how worthwhile your experience can be.

Try New Foods & Challenge Yourself

Food is a large part of your vacation experience. For some, relying on comfort foods can be a worthwhile means of staying fuelled for the vacation. Of course, you cannot expect to cook your own beautiful, authentic meals using only local cuisine and local recipes if you’re not familiar with how to buy, prepare or refine those ingredients and tastes.

But that being said, if you’re in the middle of Rome and are only eating at the local McDonalds, you’re likely ignoring the wealth of beautiful culinary experiences at your doorstep. Challenge yourself! Try something new. For instance, if you’re along the coast, you have access to perhaps the freshest seafood you can find anywhere in the country, and it would be a shame to ignore that. It may also be that a select location has its fair share of ‘local hero dishes’, as in a respected and revered form of food that you simply must try when in the area. For instance, in New England Lobster rolls are considered some of the best lunchtime foods you can engage in, and it would be a shame to ignore something so fresh and beautiful while it’s near you.

Speak To The Local Residents

Speaking to the local residents can be a great idea. You needn’t go out of your way to pester people of course, but striking up a friendly conversation in a cafe, testing your knowledge of the language, and being affable in general may help you learn of the better tourist destinations, where is a great place to eat, or how to further ingratiate yourself to the locals. This way, you gain insider information perhaps not found elsewhere.

With this advice, we hope you can curate a vacation experience like no other.

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