6 composite cladding that homeowners should be aware of in 2023

6 composite cladding that homeowners should be aware of in 2023

April 15, 2023


Composite cladding is the process of coating walls with composite material for beautification, improvement of mechanical strength and other purposes. Composite cladding is one of the best means of improving the strength and resilience of the building. Other types of cladding materials include vinyl, aluminium, brick, wood and even concrete. However, composite cladding is the most effective way of improving a house’s appearance and curb appeal

Composite cladding is extremely useful as it serves other functions other than improvement of appearance. It can instil sound and heat insulation properties in your home. Composite cladding is more effective than painting and tiling, as it is low-maintenance and easy to care for. It is also very easy to install and can better the appearance of any building ― regardless of the size. 

Here is why composite cladding will improve the value of your house

Low maintenance

The composite cladding material is your ideal low-maintenance solution. While lots of expenses and time are spent maintaining wooden material by staining, painting and sanding, composite material is easy to clean with only occasional wiping with soapy water.

Composite cladding never rots or becomes damaged by insect attacks. This differs from wooden cladding, which is known to be a breeding ground for termites and mould. Composite cladding is impervious to moisture and decay.

Most composite cladding boards today are resistant to ultraviolet radiation. This means that they neither become discoloured nor lose their beauty due to fading. 

Stylish and beautiful

Composite cladding panels have aesthetic appeal, as they come in varieties of colours and styles. Composite cladding panels can be designed to look like natural wood. You will be glad to choose from an array of beautiful cladding panels that can blend with the exterior of your house to create that curb appeal you want. 

Understandably, everyone has their preferences when it comes to colour. You may like darker colours, while others may desire lighter or neutral colours. Regardless of your taste, there is always a composite cladding board to pick from to enhance the appearance of your home.

Long Life Span

The composite cladding panel is characterised by durability. Your panel can be highly functional, even after three decades. If it is well preserved, it can last longer than that. The composite cladding panel does not fade or suffer from discolouration due to temperature changes. It is impervious to insect attack or mould. Unlike traditional timber cladding boards, this makes it remain functional for a long time.

Outdoor sitting space on an al fresco deck

Environmentally Friendly Choice

Timbre wood cladding boards are products of deforestation and tree felling, which harms our ecosystem and environmental sustainability efforts. As societies and communities are suffering from the effect of the destruction of natural resources, it is time to make the switch to eco-friendly products. The composite cladding panel is one of them as it is produced from recycled products ─ namely, recycled plastic, polystyrene, sawdust, wood chips, and rice straw, amongst others. The production process of composite materials reduces the degradation and destruction of the environment. 

This means that composite cladding has no environmental impact because it is made from recycled products that could otherwise have been dumped in landfills. 

In recent years both commercial and domestic property owners have been moving towards cladding their property with composite materials due to the abovementioned benefits. They understand that the cost of buying these products may be higher than their wood counterpart. However, they know that the long-term value for the money and the value to the environment outweigh the high cost.

Better protection

An essential benefit of cladding is improving your home’s mechanical strength and structural integrity. If you stay in a place with frequent flooding, extreme temperature or any inclement weather conditions, your building may suffer some damage. Cladding, which helps improve the rigidity of your structure, lessens the chance of moisture leakage or cracking because of the additional layer of protection. 

Garage of home in San Diego California with arched roof and glass paned door

Composite cladding boosts the value of your home

Your property value will tremendously increase as you use a low-maintenance, durable cladding material. The initial cost of a composite cladding panel or board can be relatively high, but it significantly saves you long-term costs. 

The composite cladding panel is a solid investment that will improve your home’s curb appeal. It is long-lasting, eco-friendly and resilient. Your entire household will enjoy the stylish and attractive look of the cladded wall without spending money or stressing over maintenance. 

A worker installs panels beige siding on the facade of the house

FRequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Composite cladding

Does cladding add value?

This enhances a property’s selling price by improving its appeal to potential buyers. Secondly, adding an extra layer to a building’s exterior can greatly enhance thermal performance. The additional layer will improve insulating capacity, helping to retain heat inside.

Is it worth cladding a house?

Adding cladding to your property is a wonderful way to improve the aesthetic of your building. Still, it could also assist with insulation, upkeep, and enhancing the curb value of your home.

What are the advantages of composite cladding?

Composite cladding is sturdy, reliable, and has a long lifespan. It is impervious to decay, pests, warping, splitting, splintering, and fading. Given this, it’s a far better alternative than wood, which is less durable and needs continuous maintenance.

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