What are the common Business Shipping Issues?

4 Common Shipping Issues Faced by Businesses and How To Avoid Them

March 8, 2023


As the global economy becomes increasingly interconnected, businesses of all sizes find themselves involved in shipping and freight differently than they may have done in previous years. However, navigating the complexities of logistics can often pose significant challenges for business owners, mainly if they are not familiar with common problems that may arise.

Did you know that over half of the consumers will abandon their cart if they feel the shipping cost is too high? Or if the shipping method isn’t fast enough or is overpriced? This is increasingly common for e-commerce businesses and those looking to integrate online sales into an already established brick-and-mortar store. And this doesn’t account for the B2B sector.

What are the common Business Shipping Issues?

This post looks at some of the common shipping issues new businesses face regarding sending their goods out and how best to tackle them.

What are the common Business Shipping Issues?

Not Having Enough Product For Demand

One of the biggest problems businesses face in the shipping and freight industry is not having enough products for demand. Forecasting the exact amount of products needed to meet customer demand can be challenging. Not having enough can lead to lost sales and dissatisfied customers. This can be especially true for new start-ups that don’t anticipate initial demand. If you fail to satisfy those first customers, they won’t return, which can impact your second wave even if you iron out the issues.

Look at your sales records and track trends and patterns, analyze competitors for their output, and ensure you are prepared for incoming changes in shopping habits, e.g., over the holiday season, and have worked with vendors to ensure adequate stock levels.

Using The Wrong Shipping Method

Using the wrong shipping method can cause a significant headache for business owners. It can result in missed shipments, delays in delivery, and even higher shipping costs. To avoid this problem, business owners should consider their shipping needs carefully and research the available shipping options. In some instances, it can be worth offering a variety of shipping methods and having an adjustable pricing scale in place. You can get competitive less than truckload quote for shipping less than 7 pallets, for example, for smaller shipments to leave instead of waiting for a full truckload to be shipped together, therefore, increasing customer satisfaction.

What are the common Business Shipping Issues?

Incorrect Packaging

One of the most common shipping issues businesses face when sending their products is incorrect packaging. This can lead to damaged products and potentially missing stock in transit.

Having an array of different packaging sizes cannot only ensure the item is packaged in a suitable box but also allow you to maximize shipping costs. You will only be paying for the size and weight of the item inside instead of the excess for packaging. Alternatively, work with your logistics company to utilize their packaging options to ensure you always get the right fit.

In addition to getting suitable boxes, you also want to protect the actual goods from reaching your customers in bad condition. Not only will this tarnish your business reputation, but you may have to go through the stress of replacing the item or making a refund. Therefore, consider securing your deliveries with solutions like the pallet wrap to keep your customers satisfied.

Miscalculating Shipping Costs

Another common problem businesses face regarding shipping, and freight is miscalculating shipping costs. This can result in unexpected charges that can eat into profit margins. As mentioned earlier, shipping costs are a significant driver of inflation worldwide, and it’s crucial for businesses to factor in these costs when setting prices for their products. 

Having scales to hand to weigh your packages and heavy loads is instrumental in correctly pricing shipping; working with handlers to ensure you meet their demands and terms regarding maximum weights is vital. Don’t forget to consider any special permits or licenses you might need to ship your products, and include additional fees for international shipping where applicable.

What are the common Business Shipping Issues?

Shipping isn’t just about boxing things up and sending them on their way. When done incorrectly, shipping and logistics can be expensive and cost you more money in the long run. so put measures in place to ensure you are avoiding some of the most common shipping issues and are giving your customers the best service possible.

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