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Christmas Gift Guide | What to buy for tweens (8-12 years) this Christmas

November 5, 2023

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Christmas is rapidly approaching, and before we know it we will all be tucking into the Christmas dinner and wondering what all the fuss was about during the past few weeks. There is no denying that gift buying can be stressful during the festive period, especially when buying for children.

Toddlers and school-age children are often not as challenging as those tweens. The delicate age that is usually around the end of primary school and the begging of secondary before those teenage years hit. They are not quite there yet, and you may find they are in an in-between period in terms of interests and passions. So what sort of gifts are perfect for this tween age range? I have scoured the stores to find some fabulous options for you to consider.

What to buy Tweens this Christmas

You might want something that has a bit of longevity or that will ignite a passion for reading or exploring new subjects. It can often feel like a tough decision to make, but now is not the time to worry. Below are some gift options perfect for tweens.

An Atlas of Legendary Places: From Atlantis to the Milky Way

Buy from Amazon

A passport to the world’s most intriguing destinations, this book is a bounty of information and gorgeous illustrations that will spark wonder and wanderlust curiosity in young readers. Filled with the magic of myth, culture, natural beauty, and history, this introduction to eighteen of the world’s most fascinating places introduces young readers to the ineffable qualities that make these locations so special. Stunning double-page spreads offer a deep dive into each site, with fascinating invaluable information.

An Atlas of Legendary Places

Animal Karabiner Water Bottle

Animal Karabiner Water Bottle

Buy From Mountain Warehouse

​​Perfect for hydration on the go, Animal’s Karabiner Water Bottle keeps drinks cool and fresh. Featuring a twist-top leakproof lid, it has a handy karabiner to allow for easy carrying on a bag or belt loop.

Fungi Frankie

Buy from WHSmith

Following on from the Tik-Tok sensation Dancing Cactus, turn any room into a dance floor this Christmas with the adorable Fungi Frankie, an interactive plush toy and the ultimate companion to ignite the imagination of young kids. This enchanting toy comes to life with mesmerising movements and sounds, bringing a world of playfulness to your fingertips.

Watch as this dancing mushroom moves, speaks and shakes its body to the rhythm of your favourite music, capturing a child’s attention with every motion and sound! With a harmonious blend of melodious tunes and engaging phrases, repeating what you say, turning playtime into a fun learning adventure. It’s the perfect early development and activity toy. 

Fungi Frankie

Geomag Mechanics Loops & Turns 130 Piece Set

​​Geomag Mechanics Loops & Turns 130 Piece Set

Buy from Toys R Us

If your tween loves engineering and mechanics, they’ll go nuts for this one. Mechanics Gravity Loops & Turns harnesses the invisible forces of magnetism and gravity through original and surprising means. The spheres inside the circuit are set in motion by an innovative magnetic cannon that uses the force of attraction of the accelerating magnet.

The play experience is based on these fundamental principles of physics. Mechanics Gravity is a STEM product that can truly stimulate curiosity and inspire them to learn more about science.

Gigamic Katamino Classic Puzzle and Game

Buy from Amazon

Katamino is a puzzle game with both 2D and 3D challenges of progressive difficulty and also offers a strategic game challenge for two players. It is extremely popular in education, helping children understand basic geometry. Katamino has received multiple awards worldwide, and it’s easy to see why! 

Abstract strategy, arranging and building. The set includes high-quality wooden components and offers great educational value to tweens who are able to learn through play.

Gigamic Katamino Classic Puzzle and Game

Jigraphy Football Map Jigsaw of the UK and Ireland 2023:24

Jigraphy Football Map Jigsaw of the UK and Ireland 2023/24

Buy from The Happy Puzzle Company

Updated for the 2023/24 season, this amazing 300-piece jigsaw maps 148 clubs across nine leagues and builds into a stunning map, illustrating the football clubs of the United Kingdom and Ireland. Made to order, this is a great gift for any football fan. Not only is this a brilliant challenge, but it will also help everyone learn the geography of the UK and Ireland.

The puzzle is up to date for the start of the 2023/24 season and features:

  • All 92 clubs in England’s Premier League and Football League.
  • Scottish Premiership and Championship.
  • The top divisions in Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic Of Ireland.

JLab JBuds Mini Earbuds Designed for Smaller Ears

Buy From JLab

With a case smaller than most common car key fobs, the JBuds Mini is the perfect earbud for people who want an audio device that adds minimal bulk to their pockets and bags.

Despite its minuscule size, the JBuds Mini provides the same surprising value and modern audio technologies typical of new JLab products. Total playtime for the JBuds Mini is 20+ hours, with each earbud having 5.5+ hours independently. Dual connect technology allows either earbud to be used individually, and Bluetooth Multipoint allows easy switching between a computer, phone, or tablet without disconnecting and pairing the earbuds each time.

JLab JBuds Mini Earbuds Designed for Smaller Ears

Legends Of Norse Mythology

Legends Of Norse Mythology

Buy from Amazon

Legends of Norse Mythology is a fully illustrated anthology of Norse gods, giants, monsters and heroes retold anew.

Featuring beautiful and otherworldly portraits of mythological characters from Isabella Mazzanti and enchanting text from Old English scholar and Norse mythology expert Dr Thomas Birkett, this collection of timeless tales is the perfect gift for lovers of Viking myths as well as readers looking for an introduction to this epic world ofmystical power, battles, quests and intrigue.

With this book, tweens can take an adventure through time to a realm of ice and fire, magic and mischief. They’ll meet a cast of characters from Norse folklore and be swept up in their epic deeds and fates.

Lore of the Stars: Folklore and Wisdom from the Skies Above

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Look up at the skies in wonder with this mystically illustrated treasury of folklore from above and beyond.

Did you know that people used to read the future in the flight of birds? That the constellations were thought to be mythological beings set in the sky? And that eclipses were seen as demonic omens?

Tweens will uncover the secrets of augury, the meanings of types of weather, stories explaining the birth of the Milky Way, and the beings and deities said to govern the worlds above.

Lore of the Stars: Folklore and Wisdom from the Skies Above

National Geographic's 'Deadliest Animals on the Planet'

National Geographic’s ‘Deadliest Animals on the Planet’

Buy from Amazon

Kids love the Cutest Animals on the Planet, so for daring readers, the animal kingdom’s fiercest, fastest, and most dangerous creatures are sure to thrill!

Like Cutest Animals on the Planet, the previous book in this new series, this often humorous, snackable content provides great entry points for readers of all levels and lots of fascinating facts to share with friends and family.

Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Academy

Buy from Amazon

Welcome to the Pokémon Trading Card Game and join the Trainers at the Battle Academy! Whether you want to learn to play the Pokémon Trading Card Game or have a fun family game night, the Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Academy is a fantastic way to get started.

A board game format updated with fun new decks and V cards, this version contains everything 2 players need to charge headlong into battle, along with guides to the decks so your first game is easy to follow.

You can choose Cinderace or Pikachu to lead your team in a heads-up battle against another Trainer. Then, switch up the decks to play Eevee!

Pokémon Trading Card Game Battle Academy

Squishmallows Take4

Squishmallows Take4

Buy from Amazon

Squad up with Squishmallows Take4: the family game for any Squishmallows-lover! Looking for a fun group game for your tweens to play? In this fast-paced, quick-thinking game, you’ll race to collect 4 of a Squad before your opponents.

Choose which of the four cards you want from the ones in play—but watch out. If you reach for the same one as someone else, you’ll have to race to grab the exclusive Benny The Bigfoot Squishmallow in the centre! Perfect game for game night with your friends, family, at school or at home—no matter where or when you’re bound to love it.

Tom Gates Gifts

Buy from the Official Brilliant World of Tom Gates Shop

Check out these epic gift ideas from the Official Brilliant World of Tom Gates Shop. The bespoke range features an exciting mix of clothing, mugs, water bottles, bags, stationery and gifts, including some personalised items and colour-your-own kids t-shirts that can be decorated with their own doodles and designs.

All of the products feature Tom’s distinctive hand-drawn style with the stamp of approval from the author and illustrator Liz Pichon.

Tom Gates Mug

VonShef Retro Popcorn Maker

VonShef Retro Popcorn Maker

Buy from Amazon

It’s time to let your tweens level up your at-home movie nights with the VonShef popcorn maker, perfect as a novelty gift for a loved one or a little something different to treat yourself. Simply use the lid as a serving scoop, add up to 50g of kernels, and watch your pop corn maker work its popping magic in no time at all! Once done, serve up the goods in the 6 cinema style boxes included.

Thanks to the hot air circulation system, the 1200W popcorn maker machine requires no butter or oil, producing delicious fat-free and fibre-fuelled film night treats every time.

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