Five medicines to keep in your bag if you plan to travel to mountainous areas

February 19, 2019 No Comments

Travelling to the mountains over the summer, or the winter if you’re that adventurous, can be a thrilling and leisurely way to spend your holidays. For the most part, it’s cheaper than travelling abroad, it is mostly local so there are no language barriers, and the scenery is worth all the extra fatigue that goes into the actual travelling. This is why resorts, restaurants, and travel agent companies make a lot of money year round from the business they get in these areas.

5 things to do with the kids in Berkshire

February 16, 2019 118 Comments

Ah, beautiful Berkshire, with its stunning greenery and historic buildings. Whether you’re heading to the area with your youngsters for a quintessentially British break, or you’re local to this quaint area of the English countryside, it’s always handy to have a number of attractions at hand which will keep the kids entertained.

What The Dad Said | WWE Live at The O2

February 10, 2019 8 Comments

At the end of August, I had the opportunity to take Tigger and Roo to WWE Live at the O2 in London. Being a fan of Wrestling for nearly 30 years I was looking forward to it, as for Roo she has been watching WWE for a couple of years and keeps relatively up to date via social media as she is quite busy.

Top 7 Things to Eat & Drink When at Harry Potter World

February 9, 2019 4 Comments

From the fun rides to the magical attractions, the Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando may have drawn you to it for a number of reasons, but the food and drinks here are surely a big hit and literally the cherry on top. From filling, savoury meals to delicious sweet treats, you’ll find tons here to give your taste buds a nice ride.

Fun Things to do While Travelling by Train

January 26, 2019 2 Comments

It’s so much fun to travel by train. You get to sit back and relax while enjoying the scenery from the comfort of a warm train cart. Whether you’re riding in an Amtrak style train or an older style train, travelling by train is very enjoyable as you get to experience beautiful scenery along the path to your destination.

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