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Why you should consider having a food intolerance test

November 19, 2017

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Have you ever wondered if you have a food intolerance? Wonder if that could be causing your digestive issues? Now there is a simple test, you can take in the comfort of your own home that will let you know if you have a food intolerance for up to 208 different foods.

Many people suffer from food intolerance but they don’t know that they have it. It can show up in many ways, but people do not make the connection between the food and how they feel, so they go on eating the same things. Now there is a way to get some answers.

A close up of a cake with fruit on a plate, with Food intolerance

What is Food Intolerance?

Food Intolerance is a hypersensitivity to a certain food. It is a non-allergic reaction. While a food allergy triggers a response from the immune system, like difficulty breathing, hives or redness, food tolerance does not. It appears as digestive issues after eating certain foods. DOme foods that people tend to have a food intolerance for are things like dairy, grain and gluten and foods that tend to trigger gas like cabbage and beans,

Why Should You Care if You Have a Food Intolerance?

If you find that you are often dealing with a painful belly ache, gas and bloating or diarrhea, you might have a food intolerance. There used to be two ways of finding out the issue. You could eliminate foods, then slowly reintroducing foods to see what causes a reaction. This has many downfalls to it. Some people do not always trigger when they eat food. For some people, it is a hit or miss. Sometimes they can eat it and be fine other times not. This means you might eat it after reintroduction and be fine. Until you eat it later and struggle again. The other way was having a doctor perform tests. The problem with this is that many doctors are only looking for food allergies. Most do not check for food intolerance. Again, you could get incorrect results.

Testing for food intolerances

With Yorktest, a food intolerance test,  you can test for food intolerances right in your own home. The test requires a few drops of blood. Everything you need to collect the blood and mail it back is included. Once the test has been mailed back, you receive your results, privately, in 10 days. Yorktest checks your sample again 208 different types of food intolerance.

If you are tired of dealing with digestive issues, and you want answers, try Yorktest. It is fast and easy. You could be on your way to feeling better in as little as 10 days.

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