What I’m Kindle Reading, Rockband and Rainbows #LittleLoves

June 26, 2020

I’ve felt somewhat out of sorts this month. Whilst the lockdown plays it’s part on my emotions, I think it’s more of overall exhaustion that has hit me this month. I’m tired of everything at the moment, from the everyday chores, family issues, financial worries and a feeling of just not being good enough. Things aren’t likely to change anytime soon so I just need to keep my head down and get on with it.

Enough about the things that have been getting me down this month, let’s move on to the things that have been giving me reason to smile.

This month’s #LittleLoves…


Reading is still playing a big part in my lockdown survival – that sounds so dramatic, but I am really enjoying stepping away from things and losing myself in a book. I’ve enjoyed an array of different books this month – including my very first Mills and Boon book (although I didn’t know it was a Mills and Boon book when I chose it). One of the most exciting things I have done this month is to start my very won #bookstagram account @what.im.kindle.reading.


Between reading, completing chores and well, life, I don’t feel as though I’ve watched much TV. I did manage to catch Ricky and Ralf’s Very Northern Adventure – as a fan of The Trip it was funny to see the similarities and very obvious differences between the road trips. Very funny, although I did cringe when then visited my hometown of Carlisle – we’re not all like the woman that they met at the racecourse. I promise!


As part of What The Dad Said’s Father’s Day treats we bought him Rockband for the Xbox One. It’s been fun to watch the children get involved – utilising it for both fun and as part of their music lessons. Tigger has claimed the drums, whilst Roo is happy on the guitar or singing – although she has some way to go to beat her Dad on the guitar. I’m not very musical so I stick to singing as I’m not coordinated enough to be hitting notes on the guitar or drums.


One of the plus sides to feeling frustrated and annoyed is that I have managed to complete tasks that I’d be putting off. Including painting Roo’s bedroom, sorting the last of the bits and pieces in the garage and Piglet’s old toys. There are still a number of outstanding tasks on my to-do list but it is nice to cross a few off rather than adding more to it.


As ever I am envious of my children’s wardrobe choices. This month it’s Piglet’s turn with some beautiful rainbow-inspired items from Frugi – so adorable!


I had my first lockdown socially distanced meet up with my best friend last week. So lovely to see her in person and catch up on all her news. A little slice of semi-normal life.

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