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What I’m Kindle Reading // June 2021

July 9, 2021

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Having fallen down a dark mafia romance hole the last few months I had promised myself that I would make an attempt to work through my NetGalley and BookSprout ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) reading lists. On the whole, I have done really well, managing to enjoy quite a few books from an array of authors. However, whilst submitting my reviews on the platforms I have managed to find more titles that snagged my interest. I think I’ve added just as many titles as I managed to cross off. So not quite going to plan on cutting down the reading list!

What I’m Kindle Reading in June…

No Such Thing As Perfect by Emma Hughes

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Laura’s life is anything but perfect, living with her sister on an inflatable mattress after losing her flat. With her flatmates falling in love and moving out, not to mention that one of the said flatmates was her first love. Add into this mix that she has just weeks to prove that her newspaper job is necessary to avoid being made redundant. So when an opportunity to review a new dating app Cupid comes along she feels that this might be the way to ave her job and possibly her failing love life too.

After speaking with Cupid’s director Nush, Laura is matched to Adam. Although things are a little awkward at first they do seem to get on and romance blossoms between them. Needing further information for her article she attempts to speak to the tech team behind Cupid, without much success until Cass (head tech man) offers to meet her. The attraction fizzes between them making Laura question her compatibility with Adam, especially as little niggles crop up between them.

A journey of self-discovery for Laura whilst you learn more about her personal relationships with her family members. There’s no such thing as perfect and soon Laura is questioning everything about love and the men in her life.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

The Start Of Something by Miranda Dickinson

Rating: 4 out of 5.

After years of being fit and active in the army Lachlan (Lachie) is struggling being stuck at home following an accident. Battling personal demons he has his car (Ernie) and dog (Bert) for company around his physio sessions. Spotting that the flat opposite has someone new moving in.

Bethan has had a difficult few years and is still attempting to overcome the stigma and financial costs. Finally feeling as though she is making a positive change in her life with a new flat for her and her son Noah. Decorating the space to call home and spying a cate in the window opposite with a tattooed arm stroking it.

After a bad day, Lachlan makes a sign to place in his window asking about the flowers in Bethan’s window. This starts off a quirky to and fro of messages containing questions, answers and flirtations. Something that brings a smile to each other’s faces. Much needed on both sides as they battle against issues in their personal lives. As they arrange to meet by the hedge in between their flats, each is withholding secrets about their lives, fearing judgement.

Their friendship blossoms and they share daily messages and a weekly meet up by the hedge, However, a misunderstanding happens when they are finally forced to meet face to face causing them to stop all communication. Missing the support they had from each other is difficult and much needed as they go through some tough accusations and harsh realities. Have they let their connection go without fighting for it?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

The Handover by David Barnett

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A bittersweet story featuring Daisy who works the evening shift as a security guard at the Manchester Museum of Social History and ate ho works the day shift. Their paths crossing once a day for the handover that Daisy insists is important.

Each harbouring struggling in their own lives, Daisy letting her past cripple her to the point where her life consists of looking after her sick mother during the day and her work at the museum in the evening. With her drunk suiter added into the mix too. Whereas Nate is attempting to be a different father to his son Ben than his own abusive father. Navigating life after his divorce as his ex introduces her new boyfriend.

The story has a similar feel to Elinor Oliphant and The Flatshare. An endearing journey as Daisy and Nate learn the importance of letting people close to them and discovering a deeper connection.

Available to buy from Amazon on Paperback and Kindle Edition.

The Wedding pact by Isla Gordon

Rating: 4 out of 5.

August has always longed to live in a beautiful Georgian townhouse in Bath that she has obsessed over since she was a little girl. Often sitting at the top of the hill eating an ice cream whilst looking at it with hearts in her eyes during her lunch break. So when one of its flats becomes available to rent she is over the moon. However, her boyfriend, James, doesn’t think that now is the time to move in together. Breaking up she is left wondering if this means she’ll lose out on her dream home.

Flynn has returned to the UK after living in Tokyo for the past few years. Recently split with his long term girlfriend he hopes that the distance and a new job will mean a fresh start for him. Finding out that his new flatshare has gone wrong as he arrives in Bath he is left in a substantial hotel searching for somewhere to live.

Bumping into each other (literally) in a coffee shop before the open house for the Georgian flat, August and Flynn strike up an immediate friendship. Something that comes in handy when the landlady of the flat is looking for a married couple with August convincing Flynn that they can pull it off. Landing them the flat but just as friends with a fake marriage.

With a few twists and turns to the storyline, I did think at several points that this was going to go a different way to how it ended.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

The Bookshop Of Forgotten Dreams by Emily Blaine

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Ever since Sarah was a young girl and her grandmother took her in she has been a bookworm. Finding comfort in the words and stories in which she devours. Taking over the bookshop her grandmother ran has been challenging but one that she couldn’t see herself walking away from. Until a flood happens due to old pipework and she is left questioning how she will pay for the repairs that the insurance company won’t cover, not to mention the fact that the company will no longer offer her cover.

Max left his hometown in France to become a film star after being discovered in a bar fight. Fighting is something that has followed him, whilst it is great in his movies, it causes no end of issues off the set too. With his latest fight potentially sending him to prison unless he agrees to community service back home at Sarah’s bookshop. Something organised by his childhood friend Damien, hoping to help both Max and Sarah too.

A naturally nice and pleasing nature Sarah struggles to understand Max when he arrives to help fix her bookshop and work off his community service. Slowly he warms to her, realising that she is possibly one of the only people in his life that doesn’t want anything from him except his friendship – and possibly love? But with two very different personalities and temperaments, this can only ever be a short term thing – right?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Best Friend’s Brother (Loving You Again Book 1) by Sofia Finn

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Sadie is working two jobs in order to provide for her Nana, her twin daughters and save towards her future law school tuition. When a job offer as a personal assistant comes from her best friend’s grandfather, working for one of his grandson’s. Initially turning it down after speaking with Alex, she finds her hand is forced when she is served with an eviction notice.

Nate up and left a little over ten years ago to join the Army. Dropping out of high school following his mother’s death and not wishing to be part of his family’s business run by his Grandfather. Back home and Nate is requested to join his grandfather for a meeting who makes it clear that now is the time for him to step up and join the business. Moving into the family mansion and meeting his new assistant Sadie – his high school sweetheart he left behind without so much as a goodbye.

Working alongside each other, their old chemistry is still apparent and they embark on a secret affair to get around the strict no fraternising clause in her contract. Sadie introduces Nate to the twins, who he believes are her sisters as she isn’t sure how to break the news that they are his daughters. Interference from Alex leads to her getting fired and losing almost everything allowing him to be there to pick up the pieces, but why is Alex being like this?

I felt that the ending was somewhat rushed with the author attempting to tie up all the storylines within a chapter.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Baby Daughters for the Russian Bratva Boss by Rosalie Rose

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Three years ago after a one-night stand with Maxim, Annika discovered she was pregnant and left everything behind in Russia. Hiding from her Bratva father and settling in the US with her twin daughters. Until Maxim comes looking for her – and they both realise who the other is. Three years ago they were no one to each other.

Maxim is out for revenge following an incident that left his younger brother being shot in the back by Annika’s father. Kidnapping her he hopes to use her to get close to her father, even though they have been estranged for three years. Although he wasn’t prepared to discover that the missing Bratva daughter was the same girl he hooked up with. He attempts to school his feelings and emotions towards her fearing that it is all a game to her.

Gaining access to her father is not straightforward with Maxim needing to trust Annika and her opinions on how to find and ultimately kill her father. Especially when Annika learns that her father has kidnapped her twins, their twins after she confesses to Maxim that they are his children. With his men questioning her loyalty can Maxim really trust the daughter of the Russian Snake Boss?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Single mom Jess has decided to swear off men until her daughter, Juno, is older. Something her best friend Fizzy (Felicity) believes is wrong, of course as a romance novelist she would say that. Chatting about a grumpy fellow patron of Twiggs coffee shop whilst working one morning they discover that he is about to launch a matchmaking service. Which neither of them can believe but manage to stop him and find out more about it.

Although Fizzy is up for joining the service which matches your DNA profile against others. With over 3500 genes responsible for the attraction, sexual appetite and love, River (grumpy coffee man) believe that he can match soulmates on different compatibility levels. Something Fizzy has a ball discovery. Purchasing a kit for Jess’s 30th birthday, Jess decides to complete and send it off after a particularly bad day.

Called into the office to discover she has been matched with a 98 score with River comes as a shock to both of them. However, they agree to see where things take them in order to help River’s business IPO and Jess out of a financial bind. Managing to see past his gruff exterior, Jess is attracted to River and they find themselves at ease with each other as they navigate interviews, events and photoshoots. River helps her out when she needs support (something she doesn’t like to ask for ) and makes an impact on Juno as well as Jess.

However, is all as it seems with his matchmaking company and DNA scoring? What happens when things come to light from River’s board of directors?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Hardback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

The Hated Billionaire by Erica Frost

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Christina has worked hard to become a senior executive at Caden Global. Although she finds her boss Brett Caden sexy but a real jerk. Having had a less than perfect childhood Christina is determined to put that life behind her. However, there are elements of her past trauma that bleeds into her life, Brett finds her crying in her office one evening as she is scared and unsure of the noises she can hear.

As the two of them spend more time together their attraction grows between them. Christina let go of her first impression of him. But as her past catches up with her and leaves her in danger, will Brett be able to work out what has happened and be able to save her?

An enemies to lovers story of sorts with trigger warnings for childhood abuse.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

One Night Only by Catherine Walsh

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Enjoying a one night stand just before she heads to Ireland for her best friends wedding, Sarah practically pushes him out of the door the following morning – despite how gorgeous he may look. But Sarah doesn’t do commitment and/or relationships following trauma from her parents (mom cheated) and then her only long-term boyfriend not returning her love. Landing in Ireland she is happy for her friend although feels somewhat out of it being surrounded by family/friends she doesn’t know. Until the groom introduces his brother Declan.

She wasn’t supposed to see him again and now she is trapped at a wedding with her one-night stand. Declan isn’t exactly thrilled to be there either. So they slip into a banter-filled evening until he lets it slip to his family that they had previously slept together. Making things awkward as his mum attempted to match make between the two of them. Falling back into bed with each other the night before the wedding when Sarah is feeling sad about her friend’s relocation news. With Declan heading back to New York straight after the wedding without so much as a goodbye.

Their paths crossing over the coming months seeing him at one of his bars interrupting a date she was one. Turning up at her office as a new client, although he wasn’t meant to be at the meeting. Spending time together eases her fear of commitment until details about Declan’s guarded past come to light and Sarah pushes him away again. Has she pushed him away one too many times?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

To Sir, with Love by Lauren Layne

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Gracie Cooper had dreams of heading to Italy to do more with her artistic talents, however, when her father died of lung cancer his dying wish was for the Cooper legacy, aka the family champagne shop Bubbles to continue. With her older sister not interested and her younger brother moving out of state, the responsibility fell to Gracie. Something she has been attempting to save from closure ever since. Introducing new lines and even her own cocktail/champagne inspired artwork.

Busy with the store finding her Prince Charming has been difficult, Holding on to a long-held dream of a fairy tale romance that has yet to make it’s self know. Joining a blind date app she was matched with Sir123 and whilst he was open about the fact that he wasn’t single and that his friend had signed him up they form a friendship of little messages back and forth. Something so simple brings a smile to Gracie’s face, unlike Sebastian Andrews who is wishing to buy out the lease on the shop so that he can bulldoze it as part of yet another regeneration of the area.

Refusing him at every turn, they have a business hatred for each other yet they manage to be comfortable in each other’s company. An unlikely friendship of sorts forms and even an attraction but they are both have ‘complicated’ relationship statuses. A modern-day ‘You’ve Got Mail’ via a dating app – cute, funny, tear-jerking and heartwarming.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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