What I'm Kindle Reading - December

What I’m Kindle Reading // December 2020

January 8, 2021

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As December arrived I pondered how I would manage to continue my reading habits during a usually hectic month. However, I have sort sanctuary in the words, characters and storylines of the books on my reading list. Managing to read first thing in the morning, after the children have gone to bed in the evening and during my break times at work.

Although I haven’t managed to read many festive-themed stories, not feeling the desire to add any further festiveness into my days. I might need to indulge in these next month when I am feeling despondent about the festive season is over for another year.

What I’m Kindle Reading in December…

The Appointment: A Mistaken Identity Romance by Julie Thorn

Realising that she needs to do something about her intimacy problems, Emily books an appointment to see a sex therapist. As she makes her way to his office she is joined in the elevator by a gorgeous and flirty hunk. Enjoying passing the time chatting with hi,. However, as she eventually finds the right office she finds him opening it up and assumes that he is Dr Anderson.

Dylan can’t believe that after two years of craving the woman that saved his best friends life, she is in front of him. Unsure why she would be booking an appointment with a sex therapist he plays along with her assumption that he is Dr Anderson. However, as he starts the ‘session’ he finds that she is no longer married and there are some deep-seated issues to do with her ex-husband. Finding himself unable to keep his hands off her he confesses the mistaken identity.

Unsure as to why Dylan lied to her she wants to believe him when he says that he’ll never lie to her again. Hoping to make things right by taking her out to see Phantom Of The Opera. The connection between them is electric, with her feeling at ease with unlike nobody before. Although nothing is easy when his assistant and her ex-husband find out about their involvement. A steamy, whirlwind romance with a happy ever after.

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Arrogant Boss by Olvia Hayle

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Whilst leaving a club after celebrating her best friends promotion, Emily falls into the arms of the rich and very handsome Julian Hunt. The spark between them ignites when he picks her up to carry her outside to the valet parking. His arrogance shining through when he accuses her of falling on purpose to get his attention.

As soon as he found out Emily’s name he knew that he would be seeing her again. The following day in fact when her younger brother would be attending an interview at his tech company. With Emily there as support for her autistic brother. During negotiations, Julian offers Emily a job in the press and marketing team. Hating her current job and being near to Turner would ease her worries too. Although dealing with Julian’s arrogant manner would be a possible downside.

As she settles into her role a friendship of sorts develops between Emily and Julian. With him attempting to woo her, she is trying to keep things professional. However, soon she can’t resist his charms but refuses to let them tell anyone about their fling. Whilst being secretive can be fun, Julian has cause to wonder why Emily is holding back.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Fair Game (The Rules #1) by Monica Murphy

Rating: 4 out of 5.

When her boyfriend (Joel) brings her along to a poker game on date night, Jade thinks that her biggest worry is that she’ll be bored senseless. Keeping herself occupied by discussing Shep (the man poker player) with her best friend, finding him arrogant and thinking his name sounds like a dog. The tables are soon turned when JAde is brought into the game as part of a bet If her boyfriend wins the next hand he gets $50k, if Shep wins he gets to keep Jade.

Shep put forward that bet thinking that Joel would refuse it and he’s sure that Jade thought that too. However, he doesn’t offer up any fight and promptly loses. There is something about JAde that attracted him to her, especially her red hair and her bee-stung lips. Although she doesn’t take too kindly to the bet and slaps Shep hard across the face. But he’s not a man to be put off.

Jade doesn’t understand why Shep won’t just let go of the bet and his prize. Pursuing her and weakening her resistance to him. However, Shep is well known for not dating, a one and done philosophy, not with Jade though and that scares him. Is this all just a bit of fun? Is the challenge, the chase what is driving Shep’s desire for Jade?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Heartless Hero (Crowne Point #1) by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Rating: 4 out of 5.

A dark romance featuring the journey of Abby Crowne as she navigates life as part of the elitist Crowne family. With an arrangement marriage, stalker, bullying and family dynamics to contend with.

After chasing off all her previous security detail, the new replacement is Theo, her teenage best friend who broke her heart and hasn’t seen in five years. Watch as they work through the anger, frustration and miscommunications between them.

Five Parties With My Worst Enemy by Elle Sharpe

Rating: 4 out of 5.

There is time to throw one last party after graduating before Norah and Jen head off into the world of real life. Whilst getting the drinks ready Norah is unimpressed to find Ronan at the party. An MBA graduate and one of her class TA’s (and heir to Baylor Hotels) he has somewhat of a superior air about himself. Giving Norah a hard time throughout her business degree. But with each other’s best friends spending time together they end up having to interact.

A hate to lovers romance follows over the course of the years after college. With the graduation party being the first of five parties that they attend and end up getting closer than expected. They each have their own issues they are bringing to the table which affects how they view relationships, work and friendships.

A Very Bad Girl: A Dark Mafia Romance by Maggie Carpenter

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Trekking out into the middle of nowhere Steph is hoping to finally snap a photo of the elusive Marco a well known Mafia boss. However, it was all a set up as Marco appears and takes her back to his lodge. Having known that she has been tracking him for a while. Keeping hold of her to find out what it is she hopes to gain from this.

Marco is in the middle of a life-changing deal and cannot afford any distractions or disruptions. With Steph managing to do both of these, he is planning to teach her lesson by making her his plaything whilst keeping her out of reach of those he is doing business with.

A dark mafia romance with twists and turns from both their relationship and the big business deal that is happening around them. From a man who is used to being in control, can he let Steph in and offer a helping hand?

Blame it on the Champagne by Fiona Cole

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Verana (Vera) has just graduated college and is hoping that her father will allow her to work for the family shipping business – at least until she is forced to marry. However, her father is having none of it and confesses that he has already made a match for her. The new CFO Camden Conti who is almost twice her age and someone who is looking for a good wife who stays at home, produces babies and helps with charity events.

Refusing to accept her role in life she applies for a job at a smaller shipping company using her grandmother’s surname to avoid her father getting her blacklisted. As she leaves the interview she is bumped into the man (Nicholas/Nico) who she spied at the restaurant the other night. They stand and flirt with each other until he realises that she has just been for an interview at his company and thinks that she is just attempting to get her foot in the door with him. Thankfully his assistant persuades him to give her the job, allow Nico keeps giving her all the menial tasks to complete.

Whilst attending a masked charity event Vera’s friend convinces her to sign up for a blind date of sorts before she is forced to marry Camden. Without realising it Vera and Nico are paired together and enjoy a hot and steamy fling on the balcony. It all goes wrong when they get back to work and Nico realises that it was Vera at the event. A further misunderstanding happens and she is sure that she’s going to be fired. However, a visit from Camden telling her exactly what their marriage will be like and a slap from her father has her realising that she has no choice in her life. Visiting the office late at night after two bottles of champagne she is found Nico. Informing him that she quits, that she is engaged in an arranged marriage and her true surname. He is stunned by it all and offers to marry her.

Meeting for dinner to explain everything Nico tells her that they will both benefit from the arrangement, however, doesn’t confess the true motive on his side. He wants to bring her father’s company down as revenge for what he did to his grandfather’s company years ago. Can they make this arrangement work between them? Is it possible to learn to lose each other? What happens when Vera learns the truth about Nico’s business plan?

My Boyfriend’s Father by Avery Rowan

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Val has been dating Justin for two years whilst they have been at college. Now that they have graduated they are heading to live with his dad until they find a place of their own. Justin is a routine, planner, to-do list kind of guy. Everything is scheduled and planned in advance – even their sex life.

Richard is pleased to have his son home after college, with his wife moving out a few months ago it’s been quiet at the house. Meeting Val for the first time he is attracted to her but nothing can happen, he’s too old, she’s dating his son etc. But as Justin focuses on unpacking and preparing for interviews Richard ends up spending more time with Val.

Each sharing sly glances and thoughts of what they’d love to happen. They know that they shouldn’t act upon these feelings, however, soon they are unable to keep their hands off each other when the opportunity presents itself. A glimpse into how things between them start and their hopes to continue their fun and games.

His Lost Love (Manhattan Billionaires #1) by Ava Ryan

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Liam and Mia went their separate ways twelve years ago after dating for two years. As Liam is best friends with her twin brother Michael it is a miracle that their paths haven’t crossed in all those years. However, Liam gatecrashes Michael’s housewarming party where he knows that Mia will be attending as he needs to attempt to clear up the past between them.

Each harbouring anger, hurts and issues from their break up, either one is struggling to find the courage to move on. With a physical connection between them, they spark and end up in each other’s arms. But as Mia realises that this is not just a one-night stand and that she’ll be seeing him at his sister’s wedding (she designed the wedding dress). She is forced to think about what happened in the past. Especially when Liam wants to take about everything that happened (tissues at the ready).

With miscommunications, pride and anger are they able to have a second chance at love?

Saving the Sinner (Curvy for Keeps Book 9) by Annabelle Winters

Rating: 3 out of 5.

A dark and twisted romance featuring religion and the mafia. Yasmin hoped joining the Ravarnian faith would save her and would be able to become a nun, helping others – a different life from her stripper days. However, just before she ‘qualified’ as a nun she was turned out for being unpure and not a virgin (even though she was). Finding her way to a strip club in hope of a job she discovers Yuri who has just killed someone and she believes that this is a test for her not to judge him for his actions but to save the sinner.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Special Delivery (Boyfriend Material #1) by Lauren Blakely

Rating: 5 out of 5.

A festive novella following Quinn as she organises a Christmas party for her brother’s sports agent company. Who has handed over the reins to Vaughn one of his business partners who appears to love Christmas as much as Quinn does. Join them as they plan the perfect party complete with a hot chocolate bar.

Both not looking for relationships they embark on a festive fling. With passion beneath the Christmas tree, they are both starting to feel much more than they anticipated but Vaughn is moving in the New Year are they headed for festive heartbreak?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Boss of Me (Fight for Love #1) by Tia Louise

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Raquel is starting a new job fresh out of college. She is nervous but as her older sister previously worked for the company she has been giving her advice in preparation. The top tip? Don’t fall in love with the CEO.

Patton has worked hard to get his company where it is today. Following his days in the military, he has kept his crew close by and although they have issues it works in a way. Although he wasn’t aware that they’d hired Raquel and is knocked for six as soon as he lays eyes on her. But he is the CEO and cannot lose control, especially with her.

Finding her role at the firm she feels as though she has everything to prove to Patton. Something she is slowly doing until Jerry is a little too handsy and Patton sends him to LA much to Jerry’s dislike. As Patton and Skye spend time together they move from enemies to lovers. But there are secrets hiding in the wings and what happens when they are discovered?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback, Audiobook and Kindle Edition.

Beauty and the Beast by Georgia Le Carre

Rating: 5 out of 5.

When Skye’s father became ill she used up all her savings and options to pay for his treatment. However, when the cancer returned she didn’t know where to turn. Gaining a loan from a loan shark who offered to let her pay it off by being his mistress for a month, but it’s been over two months and it doesn’t look like she’ll be off the hook anytime soon.

Hiding away from the party Luca spots Skye as she wanders over to the greenhouse for a moment of solitude. Watching her crumble following a call about her father and cringing as Salvatore comes to bring her back to the party. Capturing his attention he looks to how to make her his. Striking a deal with Salvatore who is looking to get in with the Mafia Don. Whilst offering Skye all the help she needs for her father in exchange for 30 days with him.

A steamy modern-day twist on the beauty and the beast story with a mafia twist. Having been hurt in the past Luca is closed off to the world around him. Using women as playthings and nothing more. But there is something about Skye that feels different as he tests her throughout her stay with him. Are they able to find a way to be together? Or is this just an arrangement?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Bodyguard Beast by Georgia Le Carre

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Sienna has returned home after studying in London for the past few years. Whilst it is lovely to see her family again she is missing the freedom she had abroad especially when she is informed about the arranged marriage to one of her cousins. Who was a jerk as a child and hasn’t improved with age. Attempting to flee the nest her father assigns her a bodyguard to keep an eye on her at all times.

The only reason Angelo started to work for Sienna’s father two years ago was so he could train in the indoor pool late at night. When he meets Sienna for the first time and neither of them makes a great impression. With her coming across as a spoilt brat and Angelo being a grumpy, unhelpful jerk. Forced to take the assignment as her bodyguard he knows that she is going to be trouble especially as there is an electric spark between them. But you don’t get involved with the boss’s daughter – right?

Hiding things about himself whilst attempting to find a way to make things work with Sienna. Are they able to overcome engagements and family ties to be together?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

The Rockstar’s Virgin by M.S. Parker

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Hazel is photographing another wedding and slowly dying inside. Tired of attempting to coax brides to smile naturally and not as though they are taking a selfie. A lawyer comes up to her and whilst initially the interaction is more of a potential hook up her offers o take Hazel to a networking event for bigger clients than family portraits and weddings. Whilst at the event he wanders off to chat to other women ad Hazel comes across rockstar Sean Morris.

Sean isn’t sure where the line between himself and being a rockstar starts and ends. Feeling as though he always needs to be putting on a show for his fans and those around him. Whilst Haxel refuses him and throws a drink in his face there is something about her that he just can’t forget. Tracking her down to her photography studio and getting his tour manager to hire her as the tour photographer.

Hoping that this will lead to bigger and better thing she heads on tour for a six-month contract. Keeping things professional with Sean despite the attraction between them. Slowly she starts to see glimpses of the real Sean Morris and hopes to help him bring out his personality more. Crossing the line together they find it difficult to navigate between the two sides of his personality.

Just Friends (Mountain Ridge Alphas #1) by Alexis Winter

Rating: 4 out of 5.

All her life Vesper has been rescuing and taking care of animals which is why she became a vet. Returning home after college she has saved her money in order to open an animal hospital. With her best friend Amy working alongside her as her assistant. She is called out to the O’Connor ranch late one afternoon and conforms that one the horses is pregnant out of breeding season. Agreeing to be their vet on call whilst they find a new one to take over full time.

The ranch hand Tyler shows interest in her but she has no plans to start dating as she is full focused on her work at the moment. Nevertheless she agrees to a friendship date with him which goes OK but there’s no spark for her and wishes to keep things purely as friends.

During a trip to the ranch she finally meets Liam, who own the ranch and has offered her the full time vet position which she turns down. However, she is captivated by his voice and finds him gorgeous. Much to the amusement of Tyler who tells her about his playboy ways and his current supermodel girlfriend. She laughs the attraction off but can’t help think about him and is happy to see him at the ranch more and learn about the man behind his billions.

Their attraction sparks and they embark on a fling, however, there are several obstacles in their path, are they able to overcome these to be together? Or is it better that Liam heads back to California?

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

Christmas Captive by Isabella Starling

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Grayson is used to getting what he wants, able to buy anything and anyone he wants. Enjoying his playthings until he gets bored and moves on. Looking for something new to play with he visits a strip club and is captivated by Kitty and something about her makes him want to own and protect her.

Amicia (Kitty) longs to be a dancer on stage, however, despite having taught herself to dance she is unable to land a party without formal training. Working at strip club in order to make ends meet and save for dance lessons. When one of the younger dancers mentions about an auction she has signed up for and how much she can earn from it. Wary about it in need of the cash injection for her lessons she signs up. With Grayson recognising her and winning her at the auction.

Originally offering herself for 24 hours, Grayson counteroffers and will pay her handsomely to be his Christmas captive for 24 days. All she has to do is stay at his apartment and do everything he says without question. Something she struggles with at first but as they spend time together and he grooms her for his lifestyle she is soon begging for him. However, as the time draws to a close a past incident comes back to haunt them. Are they able to overcome this? Or was it all just a festive fling?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Billionaire’s Secret Baby (Bad Boy Billionaire #1) by Jennifer Hartley

Rating: 4 out of 5.

She’s only been home from college a matter of months but her brother is on her case about joining the family business and how she needs to make money. But Lilly isn’t sure that is the path she wishes to take and is currently happy working as a barista saving for her own apartment. Wanting to escape the pressure she finds a position a farm a few hours away. Throwing herself into the various tasks and loving feeling part of the farm family.

Andre isn’t sure what is off in his life. He makes plenty of money and can find beautiful women to be in his bed whenever he wishes. But he’s just not feeling things at the moment and following a suggestion from a friend he books on to a farm retreat. Bumping into his high school sweetheart Lilly. Although she thought he was there initially to spy on her for her family but he breaks the news that none of her family have mentioned her leaving.

Having broken up as she prepaid to head off to college they manage to put past hurts behind the, Enjoying spending time together and eventually leads to more than just a kiss. However, when Andre tells her he call her brother for permission to date her but the condition is that he brings her home they once again head their separate ways. With Lilly discovering that she is pregnant with his baby she opts to keep the news to herself until another guest who know then both visits the farm and gets in touch with Andre.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

The Billionaire’s Practice Kiss by Tamie Dearen

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Logan has more or less hidden himself away from the world for the past five years. Whilst this has given him the time and space to create some fantastic apps it is time for him to venture back out into the world. Namely the wedding of his ex-girlfriend’s sister and the chance to see her again – and win her back too? With his friend suggesting he takes a model along as a date to make her jealous and he arranges interviews at the last minute to find someone.

Ellery is making her final delivery of the day for the bring-it-to-me app she works for to help pay her tuition fees. She has just finished pre-law and will be starting law school in the fall. After surviving a car crash a few years ago she has fought to overcome her demons although she still has issues in cars and her nightmares worsen after seeing a wreck. Arriving at Logan’s house with his Tux and shoes there is a case of mistaken identity and Logan thinks she is one of the models despite the scars she has from the car accident.

Convincing her (after speaking to her roommate) to attend the wedding as his date they navigate each others insecurities and anxieties. Including a practice kiss that felt all too real for Ellery which freaks her out and pushes Logan away so he can spend time with his ex. However, he forgoes this to come home with her especially after an incident at the wedding with his ex-stepfather. Agreeing to see how things go between them Ellery is worried that she is just a rebound. How can Logan convince her of his true feelings?

Available to buy from Amazon in Kindle Edition.

Office Grump by Nicole Snow

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Superstitious Sabrina finds that Friday the 13th is living up to it’s bad luck vibe. Leaving her losing her job, getting stood up by a Tinder date and meeting a grump jerk in the park leading to her spraying her cinnamon latte all over his Italian leather shoes. However, the latter appears to have made quite the impression on billionaire Magnus who gets his team to track her down to offer her a job.

Magnus is the first to agree that he is difficult to work for, something the long line of previous Executive Assistants and his HR manager would confirm too. With Sabrina needing the money to help her parents she agrees to the $200k role and starts to understand just how demanding he can be. From his emails, dry cleaning, coffee runs and his ability to function on only 4 hours of sleep. They navigate a sharp witted employer/employee relationship. Sabrina always happy to put him in his place especially when he is being grumpier than normal.

Although Magnus is attracted to her, he is unwilling to act upon his feelings after discovering his father’s past indiscretions. However, as they spend more time together he can no longer deny the spark between them. Although just when things heat up he backs away twice and Sabrina is left wondering why. Suddenly he needs her more than ever following a family emergency and they finally fall into each other’s arms. But the path of true love never runs smoothly and they face a number of road blocks.

Available to buy from Amazon in Paperback and Kindle Edition.

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