Tots100 Printerpix Competition – Children 5+

A photo can capture so many memories, whether they are happy, sad, funny or just making you see something in a different light.

Tots100 has teamed up with Printerpix to celebrate family photography, and give away a fantastic prize to one lucky blogger – a brand new Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 bridge camera plus memory card, worth 500 – plus another £100 to spend on the Printerpix website!

– Taken from the Tots100 website

This photo of Roo makes me realise that she is growing up in front of my eyes everyday but I never quite manage to see it.

Tots100 - Printerpix Photo competition

Growing in height

Growing in knowledge

Growing in independence

Growing cheekier

Growing funnier

Some things however will never change, the two little stripes of brown in her left eye which Mr Boo tells her that is his favourite part of her. To me… she will always be my little girl. 

Boo xxx


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