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Top 7 Things to Eat & Drink When at Harry Potter World

February 9, 2019

From the fun rides to the magical attractions, the Harry Potter World at Universal Orlando may have drawn you to it for a number of reasons, but the food and drinks here are surely a big hit and literally the cherry on top. From filling, savoury meals to delicious sweet treats, you’ll find tons here to give your taste buds a nice ride.

Read on to discover the top 7 food and drink items you should try when you’re visiting Harry Potter World…

A castle with a clock tower

Exploding Bonbons

Love pineapple and orange flavoured everything? Don’t miss out on your chance to treat yourself to some exploding bonbons when you’re here. Bite into these white chocolate bonbons and you’ll find an explosion of flavour and deliciousness in your mouth. Pl

Pumpkin Juice

While you’re in the muggle world, finding pumpkin juice may be very uncommon, but you surely know that’s not the case when it comes to the wizarding world. If the idea of gulping down pumpkin in the form of a juice does not seem that appealing to you, this refreshing and light drink will actually surprise you.

Pumpkin Pasty

If you’ve read the books carefully, you’ll find pumpkin pasties mentioned several times, and trust us on this, you absolutely have to try them when you’re here at the Harry Potter World. They may not seem like a lot- just a regular pastry filled with pumpkin puree, but sink your teeth into one and you’ll reach pumpkin heaven!

Cauldron Cakes

Got an incurable love for everything cake? These cauldron cakes won’t disappoint you- they come in a little reusable cauldron and are nothing but heavenly chocolate cakes topped with orange and yellow frosting flames- the perfect Instagram worthy food!

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Chocolate Frogs

This one’s a classic for literally every Harry Potter fan out there. While the frogs here at Harry Potter World may not be living and jumping around, they taste yum! And of course, they also come with those collectable cards!

Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans

Your trip here would definitely be incomplete without getting your hands on this box that has a mix of great and nasty flavoured beans. Grab a box and have a taste test with your friends- some horrible flavours include earthworm, vomit, earwax, rotten eggs etc.

Bangers and Mash

Last but not the least, if you’re tired and exhausted from all that walking around, hit The Three Broomsticks and order yourself Bangers and Mash, which is a British classic with a hearty and delicious twist- two sausages topped on peas and mashed potatoes which are then loaded with sauteed onions, gravy and with a side of peppered cabbage.

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