The Nākd Celebration Box {#Review}

Getting a family ready in the morning is no mean feat. From ensuring that uniforms are clean, ironed and ready to put on, lunch boxes are made and ready to go, the daily fight to get hair done and shoes on, to completing last minute homework can all be difficult. Add in to the mix making sure that everyone has eaten, finding healthy breakfast ideas can be difficult when you are in a rush.

The Nākd Celebration Box

Healthy snacks can sometimes be hard to get hold of, especially when you’re having a hectic day. Help is at hand with the Nākd Celebration box! Packed with all kinds of delicious, nutritious snacks this case is the perfect stash of healthy food to snack on anytime, anywhere. Choose our most popular products, from flavoured raisins, fruit and nut bars, and awesomely oatie snacks. Pop one in your pocket for the commute, after the gym, or even breakfast on the go!


Natural Balance Foods kindly sent me one of their The Nākd celebration boxes to help me ensure I get a healthy breakfast that can also be used as snack ideas too.


Here’s what else you’ll find in this case:

  • 18 delicious snacks per case:
    • Including 2 x Cola Raisins, Cherry Raisins, Lime Raisins, Apple Pie, Banana Bread, Berry Cheeky, Strawberry Crunch, Apple Crunch, Banana Crunch, 2 x Cocoa Orange, 2 x Berry Delight, Cashew Cookie, Cocoa Delight, Rhubarb and Custard and Caffe Mocha
  • 100% natural, no added sugar or syrups
  • Most are one of your five-a-day
  • Great healthy snacks which are deliciously good for you

Boo Roo and Tigger Too’s thoughts…

I have to confess and tell you all that I kept the Nākd celebration box to myself (greedy moo). As a mum I always make sure that Roo and Tigger have something to east before we leave the house in a morning, I wish I could apply this to myself but I’m often too busy rushing around to even think about getting myself something. The celebration box has enabled me to grab something pop it in my pocket and munch on the school run or even at my desk at work if I’ve had an especially hectic morning.The variety of snacks included within the box has allowed me to try the Nākd range and see which ones I like better than others. The raisins have surprised me and I’ve really enjoyed the different flavours, the bars do have a gritty texture to them but I feel that this is to be expected as most of these types of bars have the same texture.The Nākd Celebration Box is priced at £13.00 and available from


Disclosure: We received a The Nākd Celebration Box FOC for the purpose of review.

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