Stella Andrews Books {In order}

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Stella Andrews loves to write stories where the men are hot and sexy and the women strong and beautiful. Enjoying the freedom of a filthy mouth in fiction where she is prim and proper with her family in real life. These books are her guilty secret. Let’s just keep it between ourselves.

Stella Andrews Standalone Books

The Highest Bidder

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Rating: 4 out of 5.

Orphan Amelia has worked hard in order to gain her job as a PA to a Senator in The White House. Forming a relationship with Scott Parker started off well, however, her hopes were squashed when he introduced her to his fiancé. Falling for the ‘I have to marry her for a good public standing, but it’s you I love’ story she continued their brutal (physical and mental abuse) love affair. As the wedding approaches she has plans to head off on vacation, however, Scott has a different idea and showcases his true colours the days before he gets married. Leaving Amelia ditching everything she knows in Washington behind and emerging as Emily to hide from the powerful politicians.

Music saved Jax’s life after his world was rocked at just ten years old when a car accident killed his father and severely injured his mom. His older sister Sammie stepped up to help raise him and now he has his successful rock band to keep him occupied, Heading off on a new tour he is introduced to the manager’s new assistant, Emily. Immediately drawn to her despite there being a wealth of willing groupies available to warm his bed. Although he sees something in her eyes telling him that she is deeply hurt and hiding something.

Despite being warned off of her, Jax can’t help feel himself being pulled towards Emily. When he learns her secret past he becomes even more protective of her. Facing the power of The White House bigwigs they need to have the right team behind them to keep Emily safe and protect others who have fallen prey to these despicable men. Together they can face anything.

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Bad Decision

Deck The Boss

Stella Andrews Book Series’

What I'm Kindle Reading

Twisted Reapers MC

Behind the steel doors of the Twisted Reapers MC, they are the bikers to the outside world har nobody wants to know. Ex-Navy SEALs for the most part and other military personnel. They do the government’s dirty work and operate outside of the law and rid the country of those it can’t deal with legally.

The Beauty Series

The Beauty Series by Stella Andrews featuring three dark tales of love, lust and twisted happy ever afters. Full of heat and no holding back. Fast-paced and thrilling, delving into a world where the shadows claim your soul. One wild ride with a HEA guaranteed. Lock the door and put your feet up – you’re going nowhere.

The Romanos Series

Join The Romanos, a quartet of brothers in these dark & twisted mafia romances that will blow your mind. This series is a wild ride that’s not for the faint-hearted and some scenes may upset readers. Each book is standalone with no cliff-hanger and no other purchase required – but always good to read the series as a whole in order.

Five Kings Series

Five Kings is the explosive new series by Stella Andrews. Powerful men who belong to an exclusive club where membership requires you to leave your soul at the door. Someone is out to bring them down, and each book tells their story and the women that break them.

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